Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nothing wrong with orange...usually!

This time I started writing my blog with no title in mind, it's quite odd. Something usually pops into my head before I start -but not today!

I also seem to have some issues with font size etc tonight. Oh well, makes life interesting!!

Was a busy day today which followed a long night. I printed Exacabyte and then promptly proved to myself why printing is stupid. By eight this morning I'd already made a series of huge changes to the first 7 chapters. Fabulous! :) Meanwhile - I am really sorry trees and environment. I shall endeavor to prevent any future cock-ups in the form of printing entire manuscripts! (If I promise not to do it again, can I still drink Columbian coffee?)

Breezy was happy tonight - she got to go somewhere. (By somewhere she means the $2 shop.) She purchased pink sunglasses. It was less of a mistake than the orange nail polish I bought. Just, quietly, I rather like it. It's more on the yellow side of orange and makes my nails look fake. Which is amusing. Why does nail polish have to smell so bad?? Seriously don't ya think that by now they could come up with a non-stinky nail polish? 

Now let me help you with your next impulse buy - although providing excerpts from reviews kinda takes the impulse out of it huh?

Right that's it then - I'm now going to disappear back into Ellie's world - she's in a spot of bother and needs a hand... I know! How surprising, right?

Excerpt from Book Wenches killerbyte review --"In all, I found killerbyte to be an excellent read. The tension created by the suspense is so heavy as to be almost tangible, the action is both exciting and gruesome, and the mystery is extremely well-executed. Add to this Ms. Connor’s polished and enjoyable writing style, and you have a book that is almost guaranteed to please."

Excerpt from Book Wenches terrorbyte review -- "This is one of the best suspense novels that I have read in a while. It is very well-written, the plot is intricate and perfectly managed, and the characters are fascinating and wonderfully developed. Since so much of what goes on in Ellie’s head revolves around music, it seems quite fitting that each chapter is named after a Bon Jovi song. I thought this was a clever touch and felt as if I ought to be listening to these tunes as a soundtrack to the story."


Sara J. Henry said...

Printing is good - you have to see your book printed to see the changes that need to be made. Your brain processes words on paper differently than on the screen. Can't tell you how many times I printed mine (but I print subsequent drafts on the back of the first, so it minimizes paper usage!).

Cat Connor said...

Printing is good -but I printed before my brain had stopped working! Hence a half hour after printing the print was obsolete! LOL

I shall hold off now until I've got to the end again, and ideas aren't jumping!!

I see you...

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