Saturday, January 2, 2010

January second 2010.

New Years eve for me was a right-off. It's rare for me to be bored. But New Years saw me scale vast new heights in boredom. We had cancelled all thoughts of New Years due to Chris being ill. Yet I still found myself trapped in hell.
And led to this New Years resolution list:

1. Drink more red wine - cos it makes the world a funnier place.
2. Live long and prosper. (Thanks Spock.)
3. To never allow anyone to talk about World of Warcraft in my presence again. Not EVER. Certainly not for four hours while I am sober. Especially NOT on New Years eve.
4. To try not to plan the torturous deaths of people while they are rabbiting on and on about World of Warhammer. (that should be easy -see #3.)

That about sums up New Years eve for me. 

Thank the Universe - I have moved on!! :-)

Jan first was spent doing an interview. The fab folk at Un:bound. (The very lovely Hagelrat) asked if I would be the first for the year. So I am. (And surprisingly thankful that I didn't drink New Years eve ...)
She came up with some hard questions - caused me to mainline caffeine early in the morning and think!! But I taunted her with brownies so I guess we're even... go read and enjoy. 

What else do I have for you? 

A wee Ellie Conway New Years short story - see right >>>> or click here

And Eric text me just a few minutes ago to tell me killerbyte was #27. 

Guess you folk with e-readers for Christmas are book buying! Well done you lot!  - Here's hoping you love killerbyte and go back for terrorbyte

Love you long time... mean it. ;-)


Anonymous said...

My list would start:

1: Drink a lot LESS red wine...

Cat Connor said...

ha ha ha - that's not so promising Anton.

I see you...

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