Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Everytime a coconut ...

What does that even mean? I'm sure that phrase came from something originally.. but what?
I suspect it's from fairs and that game where you throw a ball at a coconut balanced on a pole. If you know for sure where it's from - leave me a comment. (Ya know this is gonna be one of those things that wakes a person at 3 am!)

Moving on ...

Today has been spectacular. That's right I said spectacular. Not nobtastic or stupendous. But spectacular.

I got fan mail. REALLY awesome fan mail. (I made someone cry. Yes I did. Go me! Well not me exactly cos that'd be kinda mean, but my writing and terrorbyte...)

Needless to say the fabulous letter is now stuck in my scrap book... I am in no way old enough to know how to scrap book effectively. I got an OfficeMax directors notebook for Mother's day last year and have managed to stick cool stuff in it since then - like interviews, reviews, guest posts, and such like. It's held together with gold ribbon, cos sticking stuff in a book - even a spiral bound one - stops it closing. I don't like things that don't close. Seriously. Freaking hate things left open or even ajar. (Wanna drive me crazy leave a drawer or cupboard open and see what happens!)
One day I'll be old and will have the scrapbook knowledge - I think it comes with the blue rinse.

How was Breezy today I hear you ask... well she was joyful. She is mostly filled with joy. She sang, she danced, she invited Lorenza Ponce and Jon Bon Jovi to dinner. Now that would be hysterical - because she hid behind me rather than talk to a police officer and his dog at the airport yesterday - a sudden attack of uncharacteristic shyness.
Although she assures me she would not be shy if Lorenza and Jon turned up on the doorstep, because she's sent Lorenza messages on twitter and Facebook.
Yep - that's our Breezy - unflappable. (This kid is excellent, she really is.)

Managed to get another interview done today. Yay. It'll be out on the 26th, I'll post the links etc.

Oh and this is fun...

Don't screw your nose up like that -it is fun. (The wind will change and you'll be sorry...)

Pop over to the Preditors & Editors Readers' Poll to vote for killerbyte! Voting is open until the 14th of Jan.


Karen from Mentor said...

Wow. I smiled all through reading of your awesome day. I hope you have 360 more just like it this year.

I went and voted at P&E for this gorgeous and talented writer I know ....I got an email saying that my vote I've got THAT going for me today.
woo hoo!

Cat Connor said...


It's early here - I am nearly finished my first coffee and almost awake... Have the best day Karen!! :-)

I see you...

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