Sunday, January 24, 2010

Confusing - don't click too fast!

So I decide I'll conjure up a blog while I drink my coffee on this miserably wet Sunday and jump into blogger, my mouse hovers for a second over two blogs and I almost click the wrong one. I did it last time too, only last time I did click the wrong one but realized as soon as I saw the name at the top of the new post page!

It makes me LOL every time. One day I think we all know that I'll end up posting a totally random accidental blog on Un:bound and Hagelrat will growl at me... and she's taken up fencing so it could get messy! ;-)

What's new I hear you ask... well... we have a publicist. How exciting is that? I was leaping with joy when Joan told me on Friday night. Freaking fantastic news. Hopefully that will mean we can spend more time writing and less time dealing with marketing/promotion and people who offer but don't follow through.
As y'all know dealing with those types was getting up my nose big time! And maybe, just maybe, New Zealand will stop ignoring me. (not holding my breath there though!)
Even my gorgeous little A5 orange boxes with cover art, press releases, magnets, blurbs and pens were ignored by local news papers. (and I made the boxes about being shunned!)

Today we're heading out, not for long I fear but for a little while. Down to the hunting store in Alicetown.

Might be time to sort out my labels here too. It's getting out of hand. I think I shall have a spring clean - I'd have a summer clean but it ain't summer here. More like winter at the moment. Maybe it's a winter clean?

Breezy is recovering from her bout of German Measles (alway tempted to channel John Cleese when anyone says German - "don't mention the war."). She's not so rashy anymore. You can still faintly see pink but it's not obvious. She's no longer whiny and grizzly - yay for that.

Right back to work before we go out- am removing a chapter today among other things.


Hagelrat said...

Hey those boxes sound adorable. How dare they ignore you. Grrr.
Random posts on unbound may get you mocked but will never get you stabbed. ;)
Yay for a publicist.

Cat Connor said...

LOL, am used to being mocked... :-)

You play with swords (are they called that or rapiers?) I play with guns...
and that amuses me!

Being ignored sucks, it's so rude!

I see you...

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