Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bells of Freedom

Or maybe it's just really really late and the bells are in my head? Actually I think it was an ambulance siren on River Road.

Someone's night ended badly.

I'm usually in bed by now -but today was such an utter piece of shite, I'm not.

Squealer is damn near impossible to deal with at the moment. Although her and I had a lovely afternoon yesterday watching dressage at the park. She's horse crazy. Frightening how much she knows about horses. If only she could read people as well as she does animals.

She hasn't had a therapy session in two months - it's showing, in fact she's gotten steadily worse as the new school year approaches. I wish they'd hurry up and get a new therapist for her. Think I'll call ICAF's tomorrow and find out how long we can expect to wait and what they suggest I do in the meantime... cos quite frankly at after today I'd like to take Breezy and go away for a week or two.
Tomorrow we're supposed to go get her uniform and find out who her teacher is and set up an appointment with the teacher, ICAF's and me, A-SAP. No one wants a repeat of the last four years. Especially me.
I'm very tired of having to deal with all of it.

I'm in the middle of revising (re-working, re-writing) Exacabyte. It's going well. I'm enjoying it. There are too many distractions for me to work for any decent hunk of time on it at the moment.
Got some answers today to some medical questions that bugged me in the book. Looks like I can take the entire scene and bin it. Yes!
Sometimes I HATE asking the questions. Even though I am always very specific about what I want to know - I find that people get over excited and want to change stuff. But all I want is to know which meds would be prescribed, and if I can get away with the injury I want to use in the particular situation.
I just know that this subject won't lie down now the can of worms is open.
It will come back to get me on Wednesday with vast detail and thoughts added, "I thought this would be cool, and you could do this, and this and then this!" and I'll get cross. (It's pretty much a given, lol) What I hate more than anything when I'm working on something is other people making suggestions  -this is precisely why I don't talk about my work.

So this is quite the midnight ramble, huh? Maybe I'm a Midnight rambler? Now there's a song I haven't heard in awhile. Time for some Rolling Stones, me thinks.

Time to call it a night.
Before the philosophical bullshit starts to fly. :-)

Goodnight y'all.

Oh don't forget to read the Christmas and New Years stories so you're up to speed for Valentines day!

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