Saturday, December 26, 2009

Trifle for breakfast

It's Boxing Day here in New Zealand.

We not only survived Christmas but did so joyfully. I'm not quite sure how it happened but EVERYONE had a lovely day and behaved - it's unprecedented. I'm celebrating with Trifle for breakfast.

Of course Squealer had a moment before bed - due to too much excitement and so forth. She had a meltdown. Turned out she wanted an mp3 player for Christmas, which I knew and gave her advance warning that it wasn't going to happen because I couldn't get the color she wanted. (Anyway her birthday is in Feb, she can wait) I also told her if she gets the Club Penguin Igloo she so desperately wanted, then she wouldn't be getting anything else from me. (She got a watch too and of course Santa came and stuffed her stocking.)
The meltdown was minor considering how bad it cam get. And she went to bed.

Darling Beloved gave me season 5 of NCIS. Too marvelous for words. I shall be having an NCIS fest later this morning. Because I can.

Only two guests failed to appear yesterday. They invited themselves to Christmas then text me at 5:15 pm and said they'll come over today. Pretty rude, but it's not like we expected them anyway - nor did we plan on them arriving. Our day carried on and was fabulous - full of family.
Kids everywhere playing, eating, having fun.

We Skyped with Caleb for at least two hours -so he and Lizzie got to be part of the madness. I got the feeling he misses the craziness of Christmas with little kids under foot. Was wonderful to see his smiling face and hear him laughing.

Now on with Boxing Day.

For all those fabulous people who got e-Book readers for Christmas... here's a few hints for your first reads! always thinking about my readers and how I can help. :-)

killerbyte - mobipocket

terrorbyte - mobipocket

killerbyte - amazon

terrorbyte -amazon

Of course both books are available from iTunes too - so you can read them on your new iPhones and iPod touch. Just pop into the iTunes store and search for them!

I think Ellie might have a New Years story to share by the end of next week... so stay tuned. (It will be a free PDF, and reside on the right of this blog, and on my website.)


Hagelrat said...

and both books are awesome, everyone should buy them.
Glad you had a lovely christmas. My lunch was a triumph and since there were only two of us we will be bubble and squeaking it tomorrow.

Cat Connor said...

You're fabulous!

I cooked garlic stuffed roast beef tonight for dinner - was delicious. Followed it with chocolates... lol

I see you...

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