Tuesday, December 15, 2009

To dye or not to dye that was the question

Howdy folks,

It's Tuesday morning - and has been for sometime now... y'all in the slow half of the world catch the hell up, will ya?

It's not a particularly exciting Tuesday. I'm sick, and was up most of the night, seems part of this NICE bug is insomnia - possibly bought on by feeling like utter shite. Sadly feeling like shite makes insomnia a waste of time, it's not like you can get anything accomplished. Especially with a serious lack of decent drugs in the house. I'd pop off to the chemist now -but  it's a long way, I may not make it.

Let's discuss something far more amusing. Yeah?

Yesterday I decided I would dye the white jeans I'd bought ages ago, (for dying, cos who the hell would voluntarily wear white jeans... oh okay, maybe people without kids, animals and house work that needs doing), so I got out the new fangled DYLON dye I bought a few weeks ago.
I went onto the Officemax site to get my dye, as I do - cos it's not only cheaper but you can always get the fixer - only they've discontinued the cold water dye that I've been using for years. All those beautiful colors, gone.
I discovered they're replaced them with new DYLON dye. You don't need fixer any more, it uses warm water and salt. (you always had to use salt anyway but it now uses 100 gm or so more). This new dye is way more expensive and only seems to come in a few colors.
I chose tulip red, navy blue and goldfish orange. They were out of yellow.
After some thought and consultation with Jo Jo - red was chosen as the color for my jeans.

I washed my jeans. Mixed the dye. Added rubber bands in random places and dunked them in. I then squeezed the dye through the fabric for a while and let it sit for almost an hour. It looked pink. I was concerned.
I'd used the old dye lots of times - Mexican red. Is RED. I've dyed all manner of things over the years with the old dyes and always got true color results. What I was seeing in my bucket was a color I would NEVER choose. It was pink.
I gave it the required time and by then the jeans were fire engine red. Awesome! I undid the rubber bands, delighted in the random patterns.

Into the washing machine they went.

And out they came....


That's right.

BARBIE pink.

There is no way this is red.

Even Kane with his color blindness could pick my BRIGHT PINK jeans hanging on the washing line, as BRIGHT PINK.

I don't do PINK.

Apparently now I do.

What the hell goes with pink? Nothing in my wardrobe, that's for sure!

I'm a little concerned how the other colors will come out. I have no idea how to fix this pinkness - except maybe add blue and hope like hell for purple. I have a feeling with the new dyes it's going to be lucky dip.

So - yeah... I'm the chick with bright fuc'n Barbie pink jeans. Makes a change from being the chick in French Blue tie-dyed jeans.


Hagelrat said...

gigglesnort. No really...it's not funny, sorry, i'll stop giggling soon.

Cat Connor said...

Can you imagine the horror of realizing it really was PINK? I'm just not a pink person -- and now I'm terrified to add the blue, god knows what I'll end up with!!


Anonymous said...

Were you sick before or after you dyed your pants pink???

Either way, I hope you and your pants recover. Soon.

Cat Connor said...

What's really scary Stephanie -is that I'm starting to like my BRIGHT PINK tie-dyed jeans.
I think I began to get sick just before my pants turned pink!!

Karen from Mentor said...

ooh.... did the dye come with the barbie playhouse?

Seriously...not a barbie fan or a fan of PINK.....

BUT you could give the kids pens and let them DRAW ALL OVER the pink jeans and then permanently set the ink in the dryer....and hang the jeans on the wall in one of their rooms as "art"

but it might be a garfunkel.


ps did your sick start with a sore throat? Cause um....apparently it can travel remotely... hack cough... [feel better!]

Cat Connor said...


It did start with a sore throat - then rapidly progressed to a sore everything.

(hacking cough and splitting headache)

At least now I know where it came from!! Do I thank you?? :-)

Ya know -I'll take pic of jeans - because (could be cos I'm sick) I'm stating to really like them...

I see you...

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