Tuesday, December 22, 2009

tired, cranky, reality radio.

Howdy folks,

It's now after 8 am.

I got up at 4 to do a radio interview that never happened -due to technical difficulties and a major communication break down. Despite ALL the ways people can contact me, no one has.
I'm a little tired and cranky today.

But just for fun - can you all imagine what an interview during the day with me, would be like... reality radio!

I can't talk on the phone for anything over five minutes without hearing this:

Squealer. "Can I go next door?" for the fifth time.
me. "Not now, I'm on the phone."
Squealer. "Why not?"
Me: pointing to phone and gesturing she should go away. While trying to listen.
Breezy. "Can you watch me go toilet?"
Me: "You can go by yourself." Gesturing to the phone.
Breezy. Loudly. "Watch me! I need to go now."
Moving to the bathroom. Then the washing of hands.
Breezy. "Squealer smells she's pooped her pants."
Squealer. Scream. Shriek. Slamming of bathroom door.
Breezy screaming at Squealer because Squealer hit her.
Squealer refusing to leave the room.
Breezy crying.
Squealer yelling.
Me leaving room.
Squealer following me yelling about a spider that's not even there.
At that point I would lock my door but sadly it's not sound proof.

This is what we have to look forward too, if I ever hear from the interviewer and the rescheduling happens. It'll be well worth listening in for!

Now while I was up waiting for the interview that didn't happen I discovered a police officer was shot this morning at 4:15 am. All I know is that he is a young officer. Here's hoping he recovers well. I can't voice my disgust at people who shoot cops because the words I need have not been invented yet.

Location: Manukau
District: National Alerts

NZ Police confirm that a Police Officer has been shot in the leg during a 
routine vehicle stop earlier this morning.  A media briefing is to be held at 
the Manukau Police Station at 0800 hrs this morning.  There are no further 
details available at this time.


Hagelrat said...

it was a bit dippy not to have trialled it before if you are calling someone abroad on a live show. I was frustrated that they didn't seem to monitor the chat either. Phoebe Jordans blogtalk show seems to run much better and she does take comments and questions from the chat.

Cat Connor said...

who is she? lol. Not sure I even want to attempt this again but maybe I could talk to her!

Sara J. Henry said...

Can't wait to actually hear it! But your play-by-play forecast is truly entertaining.

Cat Connor said...

I was being conservative in my forecast.
Squealer has a habit of having a meltdown whenever I am doing something that doesn't involve her or requires her to behave like a human being for five freaking minutes. Not always... but at this time of year I can pretty much guarantee it. Especially with her therapist leaving and having no replacement!!! Suspect it will be back to square one by the time someone is assigned to her.
Yes my teeth are gritted. :-) That's more of a snarl than a smile.

Interview might happen tomorrow -that the only day left now until Christmas for me. After all it is Tuesday afternoon here now.

I see you...

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