Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Taking it back

Seems I inadvertently gave some power away - so - I hereby take it back. I find it disturbing that someone could get to me that fuc'n easily. The problem has been rectified and the shields are now firmly in place.
I might have poked my tongue out in someones general direction, just for good measure.

New Years eve is looming folks -what plans have you?

I was thinking (because I know of at least two people that will find this VERY difficult) of having a themed party. Come as your fav killerbyte or terrorbyte character. 

Think that might be a lot of fun. Bags, I'm Ellie. - Just need to dig up a Glock. ;-)

Now I need to get some decent red wine in for the celebration - not difficult. My fav might even be on sale! Or maybe it's more a tequila night - hard to say at this point.

Tomorrow The Boy Wonder and I are making brownies - these brownies have a kilo of chocolate in them, he is needed to stir the enormous pot of mixture. They are truly delicious.


Karen from Mentor said...

Planned your evening for you: Brownies and Mark Harmon...talk about delicious.


Cat Connor said...

mmmm oh yeah, that'll work!

I see you...

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