Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pop rock chocolate and Christmas cookies

One of the great things about having kids is experiencing things for the first time, all over again.
Last night while Breezy was sleeping we decorated the Christmas cookies. (Shortbread shaped like Christmas trees)
This morning when she woke up she discovered cookies on baking paper all over the table and had one just to see what they were like.

Later on while I was checking my email etc, she asked who had chocolate last night. (I'd left a TINY piece of silver paper on the couch!!) I disappeared into the kitchen and came back with a chocolate pop-rock elf egg. She's had pop-rocks before. But not in chocolate.
Ah the smile on her face as the candy exploded in her mouth! Fabulous.

It's Saturday: SIX sleeps until Christmas.

THREE sleeps until my first ever radio interview.

Let's hope my voice returns properly by then.

Today will mostly be spent at home - I think. I do need to find a square cake tin - which is not the easiest challenge ever! So maybe we'll go on a tin hunt later.

Last night - after cookies and before sleeping - I started making notes and fiddling with scenes in Exacabyte. (The 3rd Conway book) I was taking a break - uh huh. I wanted to concentrate on Christmas etc, and not write until the New Year. Seems I've had my break. No doubt I will find myself with the file open shortly and Track Changes on.

God damn scuzzy scum cat, from two doors down, was in MY kitchen eating MY cat's food, again. It was that scuzzy scum cat's kitten (now an adult) that caused my sprained ankle.
What do I want for Christmas? A Glock. Those fucn cat's are going to die. I am sick of them coming into our house, eating Missy's food, lurking in my back yard and trying to kill my rabbit. They are also responsible for the death of a guinea pig.
No one feeds or takes care of those cat's - they're left to wander the neighborhood spreading god knows what diseases. When Missy goes outside they attack her, unless Gholden (big dog next door) watches out for her. They rip up rubbish bags as soon as the bags are put out on rubbish day. (within minutes of the truck arriving to take the bags!)
Makes me so damn angry to know that I can't have MY back door open when the dryer is on - because those fuc'n scummy cats come in.They also come in the kitchen window.... hello! I'm right here you little bastards.
I usually squirt them with water. Obviously that's not enough. I'd lay bait or use traps - but that would be dangerous for my lovely cat and my kids. So -shooting it is.

People who irresponsibly have cats who have kittens and leave them to roam the streets should be fuc'n strung up from the nearest lamp post. What's worse is - this neighbor will leave at some point but he won't take his scuzzy cats. I betcha they're left to carry on tormenting the neighborhood.

On a lighter note:

Checked out the goodies on my website lately? There's a lot to explore over there! 

And - Killerbyte is sitting at #40 on the bestseller list (suspense) over at Mobipocket. Which is totally awesome. Here's hoping that those enjoying killerbyte carry on to enjoy terrorbyte. (Two most awesome books!)

Don't forget that you can download sample chapters of both books on my website. Or use the direct links on the right of this blog.

Happy Saturday folks!

Now I shall plan the demise of the scuzzy scum cat and her offspring.

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