Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday morning - wishing it were Sunday

Which is not like me, I love Mondays - the house typically goes quiet and I can get some work done.

Currently, the Squealer is sitting at the table dicking around with her pills ie. not taking them. And coughing just enough to annoy me - in an attempt to prove she's still sick. To that I say, "Get to school, enough is enough!"
There are only three days left of comparative peace - and I am going to enjoy them.
School finishes on Wednesday, or maybe early Thursday - not sure. (Would prefer if it didn't finish at all!) Not feeling very 'Kiwi Can' this morning due to Chris and Squealer and their non-stop-freaking-annoying-coughing for the last week. They're mutated their germs and given them to me -I'm not impressed.

Moving right along.

Not entirely sure what today will hold - I see a wee walk to the park in our future to feed the ducks. Would seem like a good idea -it's sunny, and I have a bag of crusts sitting on the bench. I think the wind has finally stopped. YAY.

Just trying to figure out if my general nastiness this morning is because Squealer won't get on with things, is pissing around, apparently incapable of making toast, and took twenty minutes to take two TINY pills. Meanwhile, Breezy redecorated the tree, took a candy cane, and won't listen. OR - because I'm now sick and have zero patience for little girls who do not do as they are told!

I'm going to have a shower - if Squealer is late for school because she's being a pain in the butt - that's hardly my problem... not me that will get growled at in front of the class.
Lorraine -that's as Kiwi Can, as it's going to get this morning!! ;-)

Right shower - then on with the day... had the urge to get back to revising Exacabyte. Have a new character in that story that I think could do with some work.


Hagelrat said...

yesss write more, write faster, sod the kids they can fend for themselves, if they are old enough to be annoying they are old enough to drop out, get jobs and smoke pot on the weekends. ;)

Cat Connor said...

LOL I love the way you think!

I see you...

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