Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday December 28th

Yep that's what the PC says. So it must be right.

I'm not entirely sure what happened to the days after Christmas but they're fast fading. Today will be a slow day - Chris said so when he sort of woke at quarter to eight. He's right it will be.

Breezy spent the night vomiting in our bed. Every three quarters of an hour or so - just enough time to fall asleep in between- then bam! She's white as a sheet this morning. Managed to go an hour and a half before vomiting though so that's progress. She just asked for a honey sandwich - I made it. It's sitting next to her. I think the idea of it seemed better than the reality.

We won't be going far today. The washing machine is on it's second full load of towels.

This morning I was playing about inside iTunes, as you do. And found the links to my books... it's quite exciting. Cos iTunes is pretty and you can see screen shots and some of the chapter titles.


killerbyte- iTunes

terrorbyte -iTunes

Cool huh?

I also discovered I can buy it, even though I don't have an iPod touch or iPhone. It just downloads in iTunes. I didn't do it, cos that would be silly. And I'm not sure if I could read it within iTunes. I just had a look and then cancelled it at the last minute!!

Today might be a bit of a dead loss.

Made some good progress early yesterday evening - with the New Years eve short story.

Before I decided to play in iTunes I lurked with intent on Fishpond and tidied up my wishlist. Deleted some stuff and added other books. I got rid of the ones that were marked 'unavailable' because they're no freaking good to me!
I noticed I had the Bon Jovi book "When we were beautiful" on my wishlist. I thought I'd quite like it. Now I'm not so sure, so it's been ditched from my wishlist for the moment. I'm more interested in how they write than their lives. Plus I own almost every CD and DVD they've put out... do I need any more? (Would be nice if they all bought my books!! LOL)

Right off to sit with the sick child.

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