Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's Sunday - have heard NO music all week... how odd.

That's quite a weird place to be in you know... I don't go weeks without music - but last week I heard no music. I also didn't write. So that may have a lot to do with it.

Yesterday  - was HOT and SUNNY. And Miss Breezy's fourth birthday. We went to the gypsy fair. She had cotton candy - well two bites of it then gave it to Joshy. Seems the idea of it is better than the reality. lol

She played in the park with daddy while we explored the fair.

The child needs a swing set in the back yard - she'd swing all day if she had one.

We came home - and intended to go back to the Santa parade but stuff happened and we forgot. Miss Breezy was sad for a few moments but got over it. (Next weekend we're taking her to see Santa and get her photo taken - thought we'd do that on my birthday!)

Milly the ancient rabbit had her nails cut and got to frolic in the backyard for two hours with the cat. They had fun chasing each other and so forth.
Then Missy (the cat) came streaking through the back door - chased by a scummy horrible cat from down the street. I took off after the horrid thing - not wanting it to get near our bunny. (She is not dinner, she is our friend)
I ran down the back yelling at the scummy animal -wishing I had a gun. (Yes, I would shoot it without qualms)
Running through longish grass past the apple tree and the willow tree... and then suddenly not running!!
My right foot fell in one of Milly's old rabbit holes - a deep one. My left foot slipped into a shallower hole. Right ankle -sprained. Left ankle sore, and left knee twisted.

What's worse... is that scummy freaking cat came back while I was attempting to strap my ankle - I threw my shoe at it.
Kane leaped over the fence - with Arnica cream and applied it to my right ankle - then strapped it for me.
Eric was texting me medical advice and wanting to know if I needed to go to ED cos he could call through first and let them know I'd be in. (I chose not to spent the last sunlight hours of Breezy's birthday in hospital!)

That pretty much ended my Saturday and hasn't exactly made Sunday something to look forward too. :-)
Now how to get Christmas shopping done...

This is cute...


Sara J. Henry said...

Holy mackerel, girl! Take care of yourself! You now have a four-year-old to keep up with!

Cat Connor said...
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Cat Connor said...

I'll live! Impressed with the Arnica cream - bruising not come up yet!
Swollen ankle though. lol

Other leg has bruised shin and sore thigh now - guess the muscle is complaining after being twisted in the fall. ha ha ha

Four year old is now eating choc chips - as ya do!

removed last comment due to stupidity.

Karen from Mentor said...

hmmm...falling down a rabbit you have a looking glass handy?

[heal quick!]


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