Thursday, December 10, 2009

I know what day it is!

I really do.
It's Thursday - rubbish day.

Today was quite productive despite having the Squealer home all day. She's sick - came home sick at lunch time yesterday. The caring continues at her school - she was left alone in the medical room at school for the entire lunchtime. When Chris arrived to pick her up there were NO adults anywhere in the vicinity. Yes, they left a child alone after it was deemed she was sick enough to call both her parents, and she reportedly 'looked dreadful'. A child with KNOWN breathing issues. The ming boggles. I'm just glad we don't have to suffer this school anymore come next Wednesday.
Squealer goes to intermediate next year - I've met the office lady there. She actually seems to give a shit. At least if the intermediate is as useless as the primary school was - it's only for two years - and I KNOW the college cares. Our local college is awesome.

The Ellie Conway Christmas story is finished -the lovely Sara J Henry flew over it with a red pen this afternoon - and a wee bit later I created the PDF and it's now on my website. You can also use the link on your right >>>> that way >>>>> well done.

What else - well as odd as it seems I listened to Jimmy Maguire's EP, 23 days while finishing the Christmas story. It doesn't feature  -because, well, it's a Christmas story and I went with some old favorites of both mine and Ellie's. BUT - I'm loving this EP. And it's very easy to fall into the songs and write, where my usual inspiration failed - for whatever reason - Jimmy got me through.

Can't think of anything else today. I'm trying to, but nothing is coming. Could be that the story sucked my soul out. But more likely it fried my brain - or added to the brain fry that the stupid school started.

Hang on - one more thing.

Something truly wonderous has happened. Killerbyte is ranking #42 on the mobipocket best seller list. Which has made me rather joyful!
Way to go people... I see a top ten in the horizon if this keeps up. Gosh darn that would make me positively giddy!

You're forcing me to say it...

Love you long time - mean it.

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