Monday, December 21, 2009

Coffee with an author

Good morning,

Tomorrow I will be interviewed on blog talk radio. Coffee with an author.

The interview is at 10 am CST - Monday. (Which works out to 5 am Tuesday for me.)
The first call from the interviewer is at 4:30 am. I'm planning on hauling myself out of bed about 4 to make coffee.  I'm really hoping my voice lasts for the hour long interview -and that Breezy doesn't wake up during it!!

I've had a rotten cold for a week, voice comes and goes... so this could be fun. 
Anyone who tunes in will be able to hear my NZ accent, and hopefully understand me. I shall try not to talk as fast as I usually do!! 

You can call in and I think also ask questions via the chat room - so get some questions ready!

Meanwhile... Breezy is coughing up a storm this morning. Think we're going to need some Tixilyx -that's the only cough medicine I have ever known to actually work on irritating coughs. 

Now to move on with Monday. And set my phone alarm, well, at least figure out how to set my phone alarm so I can wake at 4 tomorrow!

Love you long time.... 


Hagelrat said...

yay! I doubt i shall catch it on time but I will download it.
Gutted because i'd love to call in with a question. What time is it GMT about 4pm?

Cat Connor said...

lol, yeah I think so.

Just had the interviewer email and say she's planning to call me at 10 am MY time this morning. Am waiting for a response to my reply.

Can you imagine trying to do a radio interview with Squealer and Breezy in the room - not like I can send them anywhere. Just the thought of it makes me shudder... they can't hold it together for five minutes if I'm busy let alone an hour!!!

Apparently the interviews are on iTunes - I noticed. How cool!

Cat xx

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