Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve eve.

Today started much like yesterday -in fact it was one of those 'same shit different day' days.


killerbyte rocketed to #26 on Mobipocket.

Now that was exciting.

After yet another disappointment regarding the radio interview. (Insert as many expletives as you like, I've said 'em all in the last two days!) I took the girls to town - we walked. I needed the fresh air.

Breezy skipped the whole way singing at the top of her lungs - a song she made up as we went, of course.

Squealer folded her arms into her chest, hands fidgeting under her chin - which gave the impression of her thin body collapsing inward. Even her knees wandered together. Every time anything remotely resembling a bee flew past, near, across our path she'd shriek and move closer to me. This lasted for at least 3/4 of the walk. (It's about 3.5 km from home to town) For the last 1/4 she just jumped and glanced about nervously... at the merest sign of anything flying. Crikey it was fun.

But the purpose of our sojourn to Trollville was to get a chicken... the one I have in the freezer is TOO big to fit next to (not inside-of this year) the turkey in the roasting dish. So mission accomplished. Now both the turkey and chicken are defrosting. Tomorrow they will meet their stuffing and the oven. Hope they're excited.

 Darling Beloved has now finished work for the year. He's got 3 weeks off, I think. YAY.

Tomorrow I cook - and make desserts. Today I attempted cleaning. Due to a flooded kitchen the floor got washed earlier than expected.

The MIL sent gifts again - remember how I said earlier 'same shit different day'... well this is 'same shit different year.' Josh NOT mentioned again. At ALL - not even a fuc'n card. The kids surname spelled wrong again. It's not that hard, trust me! Especially when she was told how to spell it just two weeks ago. As far as I am concerned this is deliberate. Just like ignoring the Boy Wonder - especially when she KNOWS that upsets Squealer and Squealer doesn't need to be purposefully upset by some old bitch troll.
My MIL is most definitely the ultimate troll bitch from hell! There is no way she will ever get near these kids. Dead bodies and hell spring to mind.

Back under your bridge troll there's nothing for you here.

On that note - I have home made burgers to make.


Keep up the good work folks - knowing that killerbyte is rallying is the bright spot in my messy week!


Hagelrat said...

So pleased that killerbyte is doing so well! I think of it everytime I watch NCIS now, which is most days since the re runs are happily endless.
Sorry everything else is shitty and stressful but have a very happy christmas and huge hugs!

Cat Connor said...

I think of it every time I watch NCIS too! How odd. ;-) And with season 3 for my birthday I'm watching it a lot!! I'm hoping Santa is bringing me another season... squeal!

Little secret - terrorbyte's NCIS agent Noel Gerrard, he get's a bigger part in the next two books.
I quite liked him.

Sara J. Henry said...

Yay, Cat! Have a splendid Christmas, all of you.

I see you...

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