Thursday, December 31, 2009

beginnings and endings all at once

I truly hope that the endings involve the ending of this chocolate soaked Christmas period.

Yes, I know, I never thought I would say those words either.

Last night the Boy Wonder and I made my famous fudge brownies - they have a baking roster at work - which means I bake so he doesn't look silly. So we baked. Half of the tin went to work, the other half sits in the pantry scoffing me. (There is a kilo of chocolate in those brownies, not to mention the stupid amount of butter and sugar... all off set by a meager amount of flour.

For Christmas Jo Jo made Joshy Rocky Road

That to is sitting in the pantry - being so rich that only a small piece is required at any one time.

Upon my desk sits a box of Cherry liquor chocolates. It's the second box. I managed to force the first box down... there is still Christmas pud sitting in the pantry -unsullied. Remnants of home made Christmas cake, several boxes of chocolates (unopened), and more candy canes than even these kids can eat in one week!!!

You know - I can't be fagged making cheesecake today for New Years! I'm over it. we're having salad and that is that!!

I'm going to have to get off my ass and walk over the next week if there is any hope of squeezing into these brand new (wrongly sized) jeans. I just dyed the bloody things yesterday. They were supposedly the same size as my bright pink ones -which are loose and require a belt... I suggested to Chris that I may be retaining water (when I couldn't do up these fabulous new jeans) he replied, "In it's solid form, chocolate!"

how rude.

But aren't they cool? And quite the incentive to move my ass.

On that note I shall wish you all a happy New Year.

And cheekily point out that anyone who was luckily enough to get an e-reader or kindle or iPhone or iPod touch... could make a struggling writer very happy in the New Year by clicking on the appropriate link and purchasing one or both of my fabulous books!!

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Love you long time!

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(just a wee note - links might direct you via MySpace cos I cut and pasted this blog from my MySpace blog... yes, well, I'm tired and trying to incorporate some quick edits for the New Years story!)

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Hagelrat said...

you are a cruel tease showing me the brownies. Happy New Year.

I see you...

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