Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Apparently it's Wednesday?

So anyway -moving right along and good morning!

Yes that's right GOOD MORNING.

I woke up with this in my head - thanks to Ellie and her Merry Freaking Christmas story: The Pogues: Fairy Tale of New York

Ellie's favorite lines:  "You Scumbag, you maggot. You cheap lousy faggot. Happy Christmas you arse. I pray God it's our last."

And then in the midst of the Pogues - Karen sent me an email... (no she really did, I was up making coffee by then) so I popped over to read her ten questions with Jimmy Maguire.

Now you all should - Here's the interview. but more than that: watch this then hit iTunes. This guy is awesome.


Okay so now I'm heading off to chase the child who is dragging her feet again - she will have a new therapist next week. I'm loathe to tell her Marina has left - because I KNOW what will happen next and really am not in the most patient place right now! I'm putting it off until I can tell her WHO the new therapist is and details. She needs details - details stop her little mind running off and never coming back.

Meanwhile - looks like a warm day - need to head to Silverstream - that'll be a good test of how well my ankle is healing. (It's about 4 km, I think - I checked it's 3.7 and takes 47 minutes to walk - the map people have obviously never walked with a 4 year old who bounces along picking up EVERY leaf and flower on the way.)

Now - I'd like you all to do something for me -it's not hard. If you look right >>> (yes that way) you'll see two links, one says killerbyte sample chapter and the other terrorbyte sample chapter. Do the 'Alice through the link' thing and go read them. I'm trusting you all to do the right thing if they grab your attention. :-)

I'll go back to working on your Christmas present...


Karen from Mentor said...

How cool is that Cat? And how cool are you? Thanks for the shout out. Jimmy is AWESOME.
Hugs baby!
Karen :0)

Karen from Mentor said...

"handcuffed and escorted to dinner"

Nobody call 911....I'm talking about the terrorbyte sample lol

Cat Connor said...

LOL - if the man won't go unaided... what's a girl to do?

Karen from Mentor said...

Higher heels/deeper cleavage?

Cat Connor said...

Oh yeah, good point! Not something I ever think Mac will fall for though!

I see you...

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