Wednesday, November 4, 2009

They come in threes...

It's true things come in threes, usually annoying things. I'm probably going to be rather conservative with my blog today (word count wise) am entrenched in writing my NaNoWriMo story and don't want to spend too much time on anything else.

(Consider yourself warned)

Had a wonderful weekend down south. It all went very well.

Back home Monday night.

Managed to write a few words between getting home and going to bed! Yay me.

1. Brie woke us at 3:20 gasping for air. It's never good hearing strider in your child as she attempts to breath in.
We called an ambulance. More to be safe than sorry. This is the first time Miss Breezy has done the croup thing. But not the first time we've come across it. Her older sister has been rushed to hospital almost more times than I can count with bad croup and asthma (often together - cos it's way more interesting that way!). We took Breezy off to the doc the next day.
And now have Redipred on hand for her (juts like I do for her older sister). It's looking like allergic croup not viral.

2. After rushing about trying to get an edible image for the Terrorbyte cake - we discovered they do it at Cartridge World in Upper Hutt. So off I went, ordered it, paid for it. Sighed with relief.
This morning I got a call, early. They'd had a burst pipe under the concrete floor and wouldn't be able to print icing due to the concrete dust (with the cutting going on to fix it). Holy crapdoodle!
Only two other places do this - one in Wainui and one (that charges THREE times what the other two charge in Wgtn).

3. My speakers blew. No music. I can't write without music, I need it to drown out the world! AND I need it for Saturday's launch party - how else can I play the Terrorbyte playlist?

And -

Brie's better, looks like allergic croup which doesn't hang around like the viral kind. Now we really need to find out what triggered it.

Rose had a brilliant idea and figured her and I could paint/ice the cake on Saturday morning -as I sighed with relief ---
The bakery in Wainui said they can print the image and get it out to U/Hutt so I can pick it up!!

Just have to get new speakers now. Of course they're not at all old, but Chris can't find the receipt. Typical! I'm pretty sure they're not even a year old yet.

Word count is climbing on the Nano project.

Should have everything sorted for Saturday.

Will hit the stupidmarket on Thursday night to gather the ingreds for the desserts I'm making.

Sadly the Prime Minister won't be joining us. He has prior engagements. :-)


Karen from Mentor said...

You'd think the Prime Minister would make the time for your launch party. If for nothing else to sample your wondrous baked goods.

Hope all goes well and you have a blast!!!!

Hugs Missy!!!
Karen :0)

Cat Connor said...

At least he took the time to reply and wish us all the best -which is more than I can say for the minister of Arts, Literature and Culture! :-)
Would've been a hoot if the PM had've been able to come.
Just the reaction of the street would've been hysterical!!!

Wish you could've been here too!

I see you...

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