Tuesday, November 10, 2009

terrorbyte's release

Hey guys:
Hope you're all having an awesome week. Just a quick note to let you know that my brand new thriller, Terrorbyte, was released a few moments ago.
I'm going off to squeal now... and perhaps sleep!
Following a major fundraising event for the Butterfly Foundation, formed by Special Agents Ellie Conway and Mac Connelly, to offer sanctuary and support to the children of mentally ill parents, Ellie is sent to the first of many horrific crime scenes. Now a Supervising Special Agent, Ellie is confronted with identifying the connection between the victims. Events and puzzling clues which include bourbon, chlorine and gold ribbons, draw Ellie into a maze which includes a serial killer, Eastern European terrorists with military connections and conceivably, the Pentagon.
Women are being murdered, children are missing and the trail is bizarre. After a phone call purporting to offer information, Ellie puts her life in jeopardy, walks into a trap and is assaulted and severely stabbed. With her psycho-prophetic talents, Ellie anticipates and protects future victims and deciphers the underlying reason for the murders. Bypassing her boss, Special Agent in Charge Caine Grafton, Ellie pulls in a favor from the highest level in order to close borders, airports, train stations in an attempt to trap Hudson Hawk, believed to be responsible for these and similar crimes in Europe. The denouement leaves Ellie facing a terrible reality and a grievous loss.

Cat Connor's gripping crime thrillers:
Killerbyte and Terrorbyte
Now available from


Karen from Mentor said...

YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!

Go CAT!!!!!

[the only drawback to today for me was cleaning up what the elephants left after they tromped through my livingroom.....but it's not much of a parade without elephants...]

Love and sparkly hugs m'lady...


Karen :0)

Sara J. Henry said...

A huge congrats!

And your first book blog tour visit for this book is up!

Maybe remind fans and readers that you have more spots open on your book blog tour to promote your fabulous new novel.

I see you...

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