Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Terrorbyte blog tour: First stop

Yes that's right -no rest for the wicked!

I'm over at the blog of Sara in Vermont (My fab friend Sara J Henry) today. Where she's interviewed me for your enjoyment and made me laugh a few times.

Now for anyone out there who would like to have me drop by on their blog and either do a guest post or an interview, just drop me a line, or twitter me, or facebook me, or leave a comment. :-)

I'm fairly easy to reach:

catconnor at hotmail dot com

Did you buy Terrorbyte yet? no? Pop on over to Mobipocket and grab yourself a copy!


Hagelrat said...

I was bad and scrounged a review copy. Will have it up in a few days. Loving it so far, Ellie rocks!!
Lots and lots of luck with it and with the killerbyte paperback. :)

Cat Connor said...

I knew you had a review copy! A little bird told me...

Glad to hear you're loving it. (you know what? me too!!)

Thank you for the awesome luck.

I see you...

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