Saturday, November 14, 2009

Grocery day, new release, Bon Jovi, mp3 player, Oh my!

I know I haven't been around much this November. Those of you who have been paying attention know why.

I see hands going up... that's right, it's National Novel writing month. And I'm the mug who is doing NaNoWriMo despite having an already full plate. -But I must say it's going rather well. Over 21K now, and firing on all cylinders. (always helpful)

I snagged Bon Jovi's new album, The Circle, the other day - didn't get it for the special price off Amazon, didn't even bother trying as last time I tried to buy music from Amazon it told me it wasn't available outside the US. So I went iTunes, gotta say this is a good album. And it's awesome to have new music to write too. Might have something to do with this Nano book going so well this week!!

Had to convert the files to mp3 so I could have them on my mp3 player - but its done and I love it.

Now if I could just find something that converts flv to amv, I could watch videos on my mp3 player! Would be cool to have the book trailers on my thingy whatsit!! Then I could flash them about in peoples faces!

Ah yes - still have a few openings on my blog book tour for killerbyte and terrorbyte. I'm not prepared to do more than one stop a week, due to MANY other commitments - don't need any extra stress before Christmas. I can do two more before Christmas - so if you're interested, let me know.
Big excitement late in Dec, when I'll be interviewed on the radio. Details to follow. But should be an absolute blast! (and will be streamed and archived)

Today is grocery day - I have to go and try to get the shopping done before the crypt keeper lets the fossils out... I hate Saturdays at the stupidmarket.

Was going to carry on below the next para (other news) but the cutting and pasting of the tag line has screwed my font, and I can't deal with it. There is only so much I can cope with at once-I am at my outer limit!!

Anyone who has yet to read killerbyte - pop over grab a copy and read... then you'll fully up to speed for number two!

Now other news... Terrorbyte is out. So it the sparkling new press release.
Rather liking this bit:

Ellie Conway is back: wisecracking, kicking ass and using her psycho-prophetic talents to grapple with a murderer with ulterior motives, secreted behind a series of grotesque crimes.


Hagelrat said...

That said, review of Terrorbyte is up!

Oh and i'd love to have you tour your way to Un:Bound

Cat Connor said...

I'd love to be there!
I'm still half asleep - its early only had one coffee so far... but grinning like a fool over your review!

Hagelrat said...

Aw shucks. you're welcome. :)

I see you...

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