Sunday, November 29, 2009

Easy like Sunday mornin'

'Terrorbyte'  by 'Cat Connor'

It's Sunday morning and it's sunny. Yes!! We had miserable cold rain and wind yesterday. Not that Jo Jo and I really cared. We were in the mall for most of the afternoon with thousands of people... Christmas shopping. It was fun. Except for the other people.
Jo Jo found me the most awesome tee shirt. "I'm allergic to idiots." I was very tempted... almost as good as my "I see dumb people" shirt!! (Almost... but that one takes some beating.)

So anyway, it was a busy week. I finished Nano, as you all know. See last post for the winners badge. Have shelved the book for now.
Can't be bothered looking it over yet. I doubt I will even read it until next year sometime. Then there will no doubt be a major re-write of a lot of it. LOL
Until then, no one will be reading it. It's my precious.
It's an awesome story though. It really is. Once again I can't talk about it - just know that Ellie kicks some serious ass.

Sunday - ah the joy!

This morning (yes it is still THIS morning but I mean MUCH earlier - before 6.) I re-read killerbyte because my lovely publishers sent me a copy to proof. Yes we have done that before, this is for something special.

I was expecting to have a link to post on Thursday. But I don't yet have it. So I can't post it. It was a guest post. Pretty sure it's not up yet. But I will go check again shortly. Checked and it's not been posted. So moving right along...

Tomorrow ... no wait... not tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow for me... not tomorrow for you! Okay let's do this a different way.
On Monday the 30th (but not for anyone in the fast half of the world, for us it'll be Monday night -Tuesday morning) Ellie and I will be over at Unbound. I'm so excited!! But we'll be there with a slight difference. We're doing a guest post and it's also Hagelrat's birthday!

I should go weed the rose garden today. IF I can find my leather gardening gloves. My roses are the devils work.

Have a good weekend folks.

Don't forget -ebooks do make awesome gifts.

Terrorbyte would be an exceptional Crimble gift! (so would killerbyte!)

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