Monday, November 23, 2009

Just ask Ellie Conway...

It's so true.

Now, as I, SSA Ellie Conway have taken over this blog for today.

This is your chance to ask me a question or two.

Go for it!

I'm waiting.

(I promise not to slap anyone upside the head... you have a free pass - for today!)


Hagelrat said...

Hi Ellie

are you still writing poetry after everything and

do you feel responsible for your families wellbeing inspite of everything?

and because I am greedy, why do you hate the G word so much?

Phil said...

Given what you know, do you think you could get away with murder?

Cat Connor said...


I do still write the occasional poem. But guard them with my life! (You can trust no one.)

I think I always have felt responsible, especially for my brother. For all mom was, well, insane - she was mom and her death (however much it was a relief for me and Aidan)was still my fault. I would like to see Dad have some fun. :-)

The G word. Mother used the G word. It's how she began her rants and probings into my life. Okay they were more fairy stories she invented and then tried to squeeze me into. Not fond of the G word, and I don't think it suits me.

Ellie (SSA Conway)

Hagelrat said...

Great answers, thanks for being so open.

Cat Connor said...

Hey Phil! I love that question.

I think it's highly likely that I could get away with murder. Let's hope I never swing to the dark side...

Ellie (SSA Conway)

Hagelrat said...

Do you have any secret shopping fetishes? Like shoes or electronic gadgets?

Cat Connor said...

Secret shopping fetishes:
I actually hate shopping especially for clothes (but I seem to always be shopping, something to do with ruining so many in the line of duty!)

But I confess to being a bit of a geek. I LOVE flash drives (thumb drives), I have more than I know what to do with! In all manner of styles, colors and sizes. Think it's bordering on a collection now!

And pens. I collect pens. Pens are awesome, I use them to write in my many notebooks. I like notebooks too.
hmmm seems I am a pack rat!


No doubt someone will analyze that!

Karen from Mentor said...

Hey Ellie!

Have you ever had to pistol whip someone?

And when you drink tequila do you drink the worm or leave it in the bottle?

Cat Connor said...

Hey Karen,
Thanks for coming by! - Pistol whipping isn't my preferred thing to do with my Glock. ;-) But danged if it isn't tempting as all hell some days! I've seen Lee and Sam leave the room pretty darned fast when my hand strays to my hip!

I'm not fond of the worms in the te-kill-ya. Have a good look - they LOOK like maggots - bit fat maggots!


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