Saturday, October 17, 2009

Whoops I've done it again

Well not really, but I could've... depends what it is really, doesn't it? So I may have.

It was Saturday all day today. I've had quite enough of it.

Dex turned 7. Squealer had a minor meltdown and we had to leave the birthday party - as you'd expect really. There were kids there she didn't know.

How dare Dex have friends! The cheek of the lad!

She's been a bit hard to deal with for the last week and a half, so it wasn't unexpected.

In fact - Squealer just came down and asked for something to help her sleep. Odd.

I gave her Phenergan. Which she has sometimes to top up her daily antihistimine.

Should settle her right down.

The last few VERY minor changes to terrorbyte were approved by me this morning and sent back to my editor. It's now off to the proof readers. Here's hoping they'll pick up any oddities. If there are any. Which I doubt.

The boy wonder has rehearsals today/tonight. It's 9:30, he's not home yet. Suspect he will be quite tired by the time he does get home.

No doubt the slab of Russian fudge sitting in the fridge will perk him up. Let's hope he doesn't see it until he's eaten his dinner!

(Yes, I made Russian fudge tonight - I'm on a roll lately. Christmas cake the other day, shortbread yesterday - and now fudge! Whatever's next- I wonder.)

Breezy was a delight today -as she is most days.

We were talking about theLost Highway, in the car this morning. Lorenza came up in conversation and according to Breezy she plays the Violet.

Gotta love it.

I betcha Lorenza thought it was a violin that she played! lol

And for the first time - Breezy called Chris's guitar, a guitar, and not a Targ.

Guess she's growing up.

(Kinda like the violet thing... hope that lasts a while!)

That's about it from me tonight.

Having a migraine for three days this week has left me rather tired and not bothered!

This a piece about me that I found yesterday (in case you haven't seen it yet)

Chic Galleria

Have a good weekend!

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