Sunday, October 18, 2009

Who'd have thunk it...?

Turns out locating a meat tenderizer (mallet) is most difficult. The damn things are as scarce as hens teeth.

So - a question - how the hell do people tenderizer schnitzel without a meat mallet thingy? hmmm?
Yeah I know you can by pre-crumbed schnitzel from the butcher... but really people have you tried to eat it?
It's chewy.
Schnitzel should melt in the mouth. Melt - I tell you!
Very little mastication required.
Hence - the meat mallet and the thorough beating each piece of schnitzel gets in our house.
Problem - well the end flew off my mallet a few too many times. I'd stuck it on as best I could over the years but nothing really worked properly.

Okay I figured it was time to get a new one and tossed mine away. It was over 10 years old and wooden... so you can imagine the cleaning of it was a pain in the ass.

Today's task was to procure a new mallet. Preferably a nice aluminium molded one, that's end won't fly off and cause damage to other parts of the kitchen or people... no likes being hit in the kisser by a flying mallet end. :)

The plan - schnitzel for dinner. The meat was already defrosting on the bench.



The stupidmarket didn't have any. (None of them)

The Warehouse didn't have any. (But I did get two new pillows, The DVD of Horton hears a Who for the kids, a super cool Christmas present for Bex, and a V to stop Chris complaining about how I gave one of his V's away.)

Farmers didn't have any.

Luckily Stevens in Lower Hutt had ONE. Yeah, a kitchen store with ONE solitary meat tenderizer. Yay.
My next stop would've been Bed, Bath, and Beyond. (Will have to think of another reason to head there next time!)

So this thing is molded aluminium, nicely weighted and not exactly cheap. On the plus side, it should well out last my old wooden one!
Thank God, cos apparently meat tenderizers are every bit as scarce as hen's teeth. And we don't like the pre-crumbed, not properly tenderized stuff.

I can hardly wait for the defrosting to be complete so the bashing can begin. :-)

So many jokes - and I ain't touching any of them.


Karen from Mentor said...

Meat tenderizing...or as it's sometimes called...Anger Management therapy.

I once wrapped a borrowed hammer in cellophane when I couldn't find my tenderizing mallet.

Then I put it in the dishwasher to get all the blood off the handle before returning it.
Didn't want those awkward questions from the cops...[again]

Cat Connor said...

I love the way the blood splatters up the walls... but again, it can lead to awkward questions. :-)

I see you...

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