Friday, October 2, 2009

We got it going on, actually, I don't know if you do... but I certainly do!

This is not the best time to be writing a bloggity blog. For starters I said bloggity. Big clue there. Yep, I've been guzzling back Dolcetto tonight while doing an interview.

Oh dear I hear you say.

More like fuc'n hell, in actual fact.

Well in all fairness it was impromptu. I was already drinking. So what's a girl to do, say no? Well that ain't gonna happen kids. Books like CD's don't sell themselves. There is stiff competition out yonder and it's all about keeping ones name out there without resorting to Amy Winehouse tactics.

(Not even after a full bottle, I'm just not going to sink that low folks.)

So yeah interview night. Pretty awesome. Perhaps.

Now - some of you know I have lost all my log in info for my gmail account. Which is no great loss except I can't read my list emails. I need them. So I'm going to have to get the email address changed probably to Yahell as Hotmail has issues with the List emails.

Meanwhile - for this interview I needed a gmail account. Now after signing up for a new one I remembered why gmail sucks more than a whirl pool. For starters it's ugly. Yes it is. AND it's not easy to see stuff. AND THIS IS THE BIG ONE. It tries to take over your world.

It wouldn't let me sign into this blog - oh no. Kept trying to make me sign in with my gmail account. Which quite frankly is unhelpful. Three times now I've had to tell it to piss off. My guess is that it'll try and take over all my google things now. And I'll never be able to get into anything again. Especially when I keep telling it NOT to stay logged in, and it logs itself in. To gmail I say -fuck the hell off.

I'd sooner deal with Yahell. And you all know how much I love Yahell.

I might be over the trauma of Gmail about now - maybe a half glass more will make damn sure.

Writing wise... worked well today until Breezy had a melt down and stole my computer to play games.

Uncovered some total coolness in the 4th book. Really enjoyed writing the two scenes I wrote today. They were big fun. Damn it was good! Yup. Exceptional in fact.
Nope not telling ya what it was.

Had to ask Eric a question. I tried to get around it but I really needed a geographical area. Not a fuc'n discussion on why he chose it, or how far from DC it was. I'm quite clever at working out that stuff myself. I just wanted to know area Ellie would be heading to.
Turns out what I needed to know was Clifton. Which meant the Manassas field office was the closest. That's all I needed. I could take it from there. Ya know how hard it was to ask the question? Knowing that I was opening a whole can of worms!

There was a moment - after the second phone call from Eric that I truly despaired. But it was just a quick question about using OneNote. Whew.

He dropped by on his way to work - giving me another spacer. As the spare is now Breezy's and that meant there was no spare! I brandished a spatula in his direction when he said, "I have an idea" - I swear he took a step back. It was great. I did let him into a little secret and broke my own rule by telling him why Ellie was going to Clifton with Lee and Misha and the UN.

Ha! That's all ya get.


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