Sunday, October 11, 2009

Too much of a good thing...

Howdy folks,

It's been a VERY busy week. Ending with a super busy weekend, as the final edits (tweaks) of terrorbyte needed to be back to my gorgeous editor A-sap. She's going away, I'm going away - so everything has to be finished before we both take a break!

It's done!


Now most of you know that my nobtastic friend Karen has been doing her damnedest to get my video's to go viral - leading a fabulous campaign from her blog.

For anyone needing quick access to the trailers. (please watch and insist everyone you know does the same!)

What else? Well - here's the link to my latest interview... just in case you haven't yet enjoyed it!

I've had a shitty fuc'n week - Breezy has now been sick for 4 weeks. School goes back tomorrow. Kindy goes back tomorrow. I don't know yet if Breezy will be back at kindy. She really wants to - but I suspect it will just open her up to another attack from whatever bugs are now going around. I don't think she's well enough, the only thing I do know -is that she's not contagious -not after two lots of antibiotics.

The entire school holidays were a major waste of time. We couldn't do anything due to dreadful weather and a very sick Breezy.

The last week has been hellish.

Squealer cannot cope with having a visitor all week. It's way too much for her. Funnily enough she was super excited about having Tink here - but it seems that three days is all she can tolerate. Being followed around (even to the toilet) helped the excitement wear off pretty damn fast. When a kid doesn't like being around people to start with, it makes it harder to cope with someone who needs to be around people all the time.
Squealer has withdrawn into herself more than usual - she's going to need to spend a LOT of time alone to find her balance again. It's been a blast - so far - we've been lucky and she hasn't has a full-blown meltdown. It's a coming though, I can feel it.

Next weekend is Dex birthday. Let's hope Squealer gets her balance back before then - or it will be unpleasant!!

I now need to go put the veges in the oven - or it'll be roast beef without veges... so not going to work for me.

be good y'all.

Go watch the trailers -pass em around.

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