Monday, October 19, 2009

Too fabulous, had to share!

I have to share this - it's a compulsion... and those of you who know me well and have (suffered?) journeyed through my Seagal movie collection -which is vast, will truly grasp the joy I feel in sharing this.

Check this out... and then tell me you don't love it. (and keep in mind my hatred of reality shows... unless they're police, and generally kiwi police shows.)
I shall be bitterly disappointed if Lawman doesn't appear on our TV's in New Zealand - get a clue scrap that Dog the bounty hunter bullshit... I want Seagal! (the program not the man, don't get all giggly on it... lol) And ya know Squealer wants to see a show with Flappy man doing his thing! She watched The Patriot with me (She's seen it more often than I have I think) the other week - and then asked why we don't have On Deadly Ground on DVD yet. (Cos I can't find it!!! sigh... oh how I love that movie.)

Such a joy to discover that trailer this morning. Makes me smile.

Onto a more serious note:
In the middle of changing location for the 3rd Conway novel - set originally in Christchurch NZ and Northern Virginia. Now set in Wellington, NZ and Northern Virginia. Big change. There is still some travel to Christchurch. But for the concert scenes - the Cake Tin works better as a venue than AMI stadium. (And there is a particularly nasty scene that I need to walk through - way easier getting to the Cake Tin than flying to CHCH and trying to access the AMI stadium.)

So far it's been a lot of fun. I'm loving the way Ellie has developed as a character - a lot happens in terrorbyte that is reflected in Exacabyte. Still struggling with the need for a couple of kick ass songs though - cos that would be a fucn awesome way to end the book.

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