Friday, October 16, 2009


I knew an ezine was supposed to be doing an interview with me... so I'd heard! But no - I have a write up in the ezine. Chic galleria

Found it a few minutes ago when I thought I'd go have a look and see what they were all about.


Groovacious even!

Now - an update on the 'take Cat viral' experiment that Karen was running over at Miscellaneous Yammering. The final tally was 470 views for killerbyte and 308 views for terrorbyte.

And they're still climbing!


A huge thank you goes out to Karen for her brilliant idea and the enthusiasm she injected into the experiment.
There will be a small tee shirt winging it's way to you next week! (Just need to get the dye... )

Wouldn't it be cool if the clicks translated to sales?

Have fun y'all.

It's Friday afternoon here.

Oh and here's a pic of my very first Christmas cake... it's pretty damn awesome. Feel free to ohhh and ahhh. :-)


Phil said...

Deserves an ooh and an ahhh!

Cat Connor said...

Thank you Phil! :-)

I see you...

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