Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's Tuesday - that's less exciting than it could be

A couple of things this week - I'm now sitting in a whole new place in the living room. Having had a minor fit about being SICK TO DEATH of being in the middle of the dining room-living room where the kids can dump their crap ON MY DESK, and bug me constantly from the kitchen, and the dining room table.
I'm just that much further out of the way. Far enough that they can't ask me to get things for them or do things for them a hundred times a day - seems with kids it really is out of sight out of mind. And now I'm out of sight from the kitchen and dining room table... lol.

If I could just stop the damn hall door from popping open all would be well.
(It's now unusable, cos my desk occupies the corner that holds the hall door... but the freaking thing keeps popping open - enough to make a noise and look untidy!)

It's a kindy day today. It's nasty raining and cold out. Yesterday's hot sun a dim and distant memory.
I'm gearing up for a trip south on Thursday evening. Should be fun. Will be nice to get away. No cell service, no internet... peace for 4 days.

When we get back it will be frantic... the baking etc will have to be started for the release party on the 7th.

Lee is coming by for some green screen filming on Tuesday the 3rd. Might see if we can get this video interview done then too. I'd love to use the green screen and have some fun with the whole thing but the chances of it ever getting finished could be slim. (Smacks of trying to get trailers made - slow and painful, and I really can't be bothered with the stress of it all.)

Made a start on the Christmas shopping. Must send The Prodigal son's birthday and Christmas present as soon as I get back from the Sounds, as they have to fly all the way to London.

Stupidly I went to the Nanowrimo site and discovered I am indeed signed up. Bollocks. I'm doing the Backspace challenge (50k in Nov) so I can get Satellite/Pedabyte finished, and apparently Nano too. Great. It'll be the same manuscript - and I'll update the word count sometime!
November is going to be a tad busy. Not sure if I'll manage the full 50k this time around.
What with interviews, release party, release date, pre-Christmas nuttiness and the biggest time sink of all - kindergarten. Oh how I dislike it.

I might be able to get in an hour's writing today if I am very lucky. That will be equal to the total I managed over the entire labour weekend. I do not like long weekends, they're not fun. Having everyone home for an extra day is not a good thing. It in fact, sucks out loud and then some.


Lee said...

Yep, I'm looking forward to Tuesday, found the sections I want to read. All are short.

Did a podcast the other day, just need to convert to MP3. No mic, so sound was a little distant, but all in all, good. I think.

Cat Connor said...

Should be fun. have to find somewhere to put the green screen now - I stole the wall for my desk. :-) LOL

I see you...

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