Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Homebound train

Take Cat viral Part Two.

I just want to let you all know that I appreciate the tweeting, Facebooking, MySpacing, etc etc... awesome! And seeing the hit counter pass 300, on the killerbyte book trailer - wonderful!!

Karen and I have uncovered a bizarre phenomenon during this exercise. People are tweeting (etc) up a storm, the links to the videos are flying around the world... the strange thing is. The numbers don't match the hits on the actual videos. Looks like hundreds of people of getting behind this but have forgotten that it won't work unless everyone watches (or at least clicks on) the video links.

Seems the main step is missing. :-)

Isn't that interesting?

Now on with this morning's blog.

Which really is a bit of fun...

Excerpts from opening chapters: (for the full excerpt see -Red Room)


"Are you home?"

I detected an angry tone and stifled the urge to reply in kind. Instead, I returned to the kitchen. The silhouette appeared to be talking into something.

"Yes, I am home."

"Then open the goddamn door." Yep, I was getting tone, not something I appreciated at this time of night. I recognized the voice but still had no idea how he came by keys to my home.

"Why are you out here?"

"Ellie, open the fucking door."

"How about ‘no'? How about you fuck off and never come back?" My mind groaned: way to be a grown-up, Ellie! My heart rate was climbing and my trigger finger itchy. He was the last person on earth I would ever give a key. He was pond scum.


I pulled the hair tie from my ponytail, then scraped my hair back off my face, and retied it higher and tighter. I felt a prickling sensation in the pit of my stomach. Adrenaline surged.

"Ready to rock?"

"Right with you, Ellie."

I stepped into the deep shade of the brick buildings that surrounded the alley, took a breath of cool air and decided it might be a pleasant place to spend an hour. Then a blast of strong urine odor hit the back of my throat and I changed my mind.

Lee flipped out his notebook and scanned a few pages. "The girl, Rose Van den Berg, said she looked back and saw a blue door with chipped peeling paint."


"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Wondering how long it will be before you show me how big and scary you are," I replied beckoning to him. "Come on dickhead, God knows I could use the laugh."

He closed the distance between us in two strides.

The blade pressed against my throat.

"You're smart mouthed for someone who is my prisoner," he growled.

"Don't hold back. Smack me about. Slit my throat." I lowered my voice. "But make it fuc'n good because you do not want me coming after you, ever," I said, pushing his hand away.


It was my first Wednesday morning in my new office. We'd opened the doors bright and early on Monday to Conway PI. Since then the phone hadn't exactly rung off the hook, but it had rung.

The whole Conway PI thing was causing me some amusement. It was all too Magnum PI for me to leave alone. I threatened to change Sam's name to TC and Lee's to Rick. Neither was impressed and said this time they would mutiny. Of course, if they're not actually working with me, they can't. I leaned back in my chair and amused myself with thoughts of TC and Rick trying to mutiny. I'd already decided Higgins job would be to get them back in line.

As if on cue my father's graying hair came into view first, as he poked his head around the edge of the glossy oak door.


"Bird poop."


Lee sighed his shoulders slumped as if it was hard work. "The rangers found bird shit on the body."

"We're in the woods." I failed to see any relevance to bird poop. From what I could tell by the state of the roof of my car there were many birds in the woods. Many pooping squawking dive bombing car dirtying birds.

He nodded. "They also noted hair pulled from the back of the scalp."

"Okay, so a bird shit on the woman and pulled out some hair... you might want to put a BOLO out." I knew there was smirk lurking on my lips but was powerless to control it. There it was, the image of Lee asking law enforcement in the area to Be on the Look Out for a bird. "Do they know what sort of bird? Catbird? Sparrow? Cocka-fucn-too?"

"I hate delivering messages," Lee grumbled.

"Is the bird a witness or an accomplice? Are we looking at a bird for murder?"

Wasn't that fun?

Now here's the titles that belong to the excerpts:

1. Killerbyte

2. Terrorbyte

3. Exacabyte

4. Satellite

5. Ethernet

And I now have to run - or we'll be late from school. Seems I have WAY WAY too many versions of my work. When I get back from school I shall do something I should've done AGES ago.

Kill everything except the current files and the actual original file.

Here's a little something to amuse. Killerbyte started life as a third person novel and Aidan (Ellie's brother) was the original killer.

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