Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hmm where to begin...

This is a bit of a follow up to a recent post regarding chat room behavior, fans, stalkers, and other such disturbing types. Okay mostly stalkers.

Today has been rather annoying. One of those days that hasn't really taken shape. I haven't left the house in three weeks apart from one trip into Trollville and doctors visits.

None of which were in the least bit satisfying as jaunts.

I have however had all this extra time to research the hell out of a new characters behavior. (she's not staying - no point introducing her yet -well I don't think she's staying.) So I've been working - burying myself in research and writing. Turns out this chick is so far out of my comfort zone that it makes my skin crawl. Researching the kinda stuff she does, thinking it's okay - or just because she wants to and doesn't admit to herself how wrong it is, is quite vomit inducing.

In case you haven't guessed - the character is a stalker. Which at first glance amuses Ellie. (as it would) But after a few days of constant interference, harassment, having a picnic in the park ruined, some pretty convincing pictures arrive, phone calls, being followed, and having someone show up announcing they were someone's wife.

Ellie blows a fuse.

If we stop right here.

Now that was only after a few days of intense scrutiny by a stalker who had enlisted the help of others to further disrupt Ellie's life. A FEW DAYS.
Imagine how she'd react after years of such crap behavior?

Picking it right up again-

And this is Ellie -she's fairly stable. (Well as stable as any other armed special agent) She has an awesome sense of humor. If anyone can find something to laugh at in the midst of shite it's Ellie. She's got all the support in the world at her fingertips. She's not famous as such, but she is known.
She did something that garnered attention (The poetry book she wrote with Mac), and tried very hard to make sure it didn't encroach on her ability to do her job. Being recognized occasionally doesn't.

BUT being stalked does.

It makes it almost impossible for her to carry on working. Her fear is that she'll inadvertently get the stalker involved in a dangerous situation - just because this chick is following her everywhere. Ellie doesn't want to be responsible for the woman suddenly being in the line of fire.

Someone and Ellie both assume the stalking is to do with him. Which leads to them considering calling their friendship quits. Seems a shame that a friendship could end because of one persons obsession. That's the reality though. Ellie is faced with distancing herself from potential trouble so she can carry on working. It seems wrong that an outsider carries that much power. Especially one that's obviously a lunatic!

Let's take Ellie out of the equation and in her place let's put a TV star, movie star, sports star, or Rock star.

How much of an impact does bullshit behavior from fans have on their lives?

How would you like it if you couldn't pop down to the corner store for a carton of milk without some morons snapping a hundred pictures of you? And then LYING about what you're doing? And the very next day there you are 'Leaving your wife/husband after huge fight' according to the glossy crap filled magazines! But - the picture - it's you popping out for milk.

Why do people believe what they read in magazines?

I think I've determined that I do not like this new character. Even though Ellie finds her amusing to start with - I don't. I find her,what's the word.. oh yes...pathetic. I gotta feeling she's gonna be pathetic and bleeding when Ellie finds her in her hotel room searching through her clothes!

Oh and just a note here: To my stalkers. I heart you. :-) - and that's only for the two I know about... any others out there... you're on your own!


William Cook said...

Stalkers suk - esp f they wan whisk or brand!

cat said...

Never let them near the liquor cabinet! lol

I see you...

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