Wednesday, October 28, 2009

crystal meth for writers

I'm away for the next few days but before I go I managed to write a guest post over at Mike's blog.

The subject -NaNoWriMo - but not like you've seen it before.

Now pop on over and visit Mike.

You might even smile...

For those of you considering doing meth.... I mean Nano - I am otherwisecat you can be my buddy - it's good to have buddies.

Be safe out there.

Cat x



Cat, I don't know if you excite me, tempt me or scare me, but I had already been coerced by a fellow kindredheartwriter into the world of NaNoWriMo. But I am a rebel doing non-fiction. Thanks for this post. I have a feeling I too will become addicted. Besides, I am an addictive personality. Clella Camp

Cat Connor said...

Thanks for dropping by Clella, and I hope you enjoy the Nano process... if you're going to do it at least enjoy it!


Karen from Mentor said...

Oh my gawd Cat, the forums! the hype...I'm already a little overwhelmed lol....but I did it....I'm on drugs...I'm mean I'm going Nano....

[and it's partially your fault]

[[ owe me baked goods]]


I see you...

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