Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We rule the night

We rule the night... well not so much rule as cough, splutter and cry all night - which I guess is ruling it when you're 3, because here I am blogging before any normal person is up. We've been awake since 2ish.

Breezy is snuggled on the couch with blankets watching 'Fairly Odd Parents' between bouts of coughing, crying and snotting.

I'm waiting for the doctor to open. She's been sick over a week, was getting better and now has a sore throat that woke her at 2 and a temperature that's now climbed back to 38.8. Time for some medical intervention and we're now out of Pamol.

I'm pretty sure that wasn't the reason for this blog. I'm getting there.

I'm almost through the revisions of terrorbyte. It's been fun. It's always fun when I get to add stuff - smart assed stuff. I have only one scene to tweak - and two that I've left comments on because I don't understand the comment my editor made. Occasionally, I'm thick like that. I've read them several times over the last few days and I still don't get it.

Later today I will get friend Eric (writing buddy and coffee maker) to read the passages in question. Then ask him some questions regarding said passages. It'll be fun -like a comprehension test from school. :) I shall of course copy them without comments to a nice clean file first. Don't want him swayed in any way.

He's started calling me Boss. I always get Jethro Gibbs in the 'what NCIS character are you' quizzes... that and I told him off Gibbs fashion the other day for interrupting my thought process and telling me about some changes he thought would be cool in the WIP.

We do not share 'changes' or talk about the WIP until I've written it. Otherwise I will not write it. (What's the point writing something if you've talked about all over the place and know all there is to know and how it ends? where's the fun in that?) It has to be my way - it's how I work. Beginning -middle -end, and no one knows what it's about until I'm done. No advice is ever sought during the initial writing phase. No discussion entered into. My own family has no clue what I'm working on except that it's an Ellie Conway story.

So yeah, I'm Boss. Which I suspect makes him the Elf Lord although he got Caitlin in the NCIS quiz and that is rather disturbing.

Anyway... Jo baby called home last night. Delighted to report she's studying fashion design and just handed in her first paper. Truly wonderful. She's busing up the South Island to meet me and Breezy in The Sounds at the end of October. That'll be fun. I'm looking forward to the trip.

It's almost morning now. Yay. Or something.

Hard to believe daylight savings starts this coming weekend. Not sure that I'm ready for that yet. But by Saturday I'm sure I will be and it will be awesome to get those long evenings back and warm weather... and be able to have my nightly cuppa on the back deck with my trusty neighbor. We've both missed that catch up time over winter. (You all know him as Mac from my book trailers - map guy in the killerbyte trailer; FBI agent picking up knife and bloody staggering agent in terrorbyte.)

I think I can right today off as far as writing goes. No sense stressing myself out with Breezy sick sick.

Y'all take care.

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