Sunday, September 20, 2009

Watch your step -

Seems it's Sunday again.
Not the best of days. Traditionally they're crappy days. It's just how it is. Today is no exception. Breezy is feeling well enough to whine, annoy, grizzle, and demand.
Which is what she was doing while I was trying to explain something to my editor via email first thing this morning. (And resulted in me yelling at Breezy to be quiet and just freaking WAIT, so I could finish what I was doing. Not very successful.)
Something very odd happened to a file. It went away wearing a 12 point font but came home wearing a 20 point font. Not only that but the font formating seems tied to other formating so, rejecting something drops the font back to 12 - but only for a single word or line. Highly frustrating.
I've returned it to it's proper state (of 12 point) but am now left with some weird zig-zag formatting of things that used to be centered!
I've never come across such oddness before. Although I did notice that the last ms came back wearing a 16 point font, when it left home as a 12. Maybe it grew up and became a stroppy teenager in the process?
Sunday's aren't the best days to tackle oddities in an ms. Or anything else for that matter. Especially with a still sick child, and not much better, me!
I think it might be sunny, and stay that way. How fabulous! I shall look forward to gazing out upon the sunny backyard from the confines of my desk...
Oh I won $5 on a scratchy yesterday. It was gold and shiny and I couldn't resist. I must attempt to cash it in for another. Later today!
Squealer is now on Facebook playing Farmville and Yoville and some fish thing. Talk about frustrating! I knew she'd love those annoying games, cos that's how she rolls. But...but... now that's another reason for her to be wanting to use the computers all the time. (Which at times gets fuc'n annoying... especially when she's on Joshy's and Breezy NEEDS to play nic jr. which ends up being her on my pc... and me unable to work.)
There is of course an answer - ban them both! Get a sound proof room and stick them in it, so I can't hear the screaming, pleading, complaining.
Or a laptop for mummy.
Or put some annoying games on the old laptop for Breezy. (and convince her they're cool? Okay that probably won't work, she's three not stupid!)
Meanwhile - my music has finished.
Right remedied that. I am now listening to the terrorbyte playlist. It's pretty fuc'n awesome.
Discovered a missing chapter title/song though in the playlist, not sure why. Must locate and insert!!
Hope y'all have a decent weekend.
The bright spot for this freaking Sunday is... NCIS at 8:30 tonight. A mere 12 hours away.


Hagelrat said...

Not quite Sunday in the UK yet, but Saturday has been awesome and NCIS is the perfect pick me up on any day. Which is why I buy the box set, Gibbs on demand. :)

Cat Connor said...

ohhh I want Gibbs on demand! :-)

Have made noises about requiring the series for my birthday and Christmas. Might start leaving post-it notes lying around... they'll become bloody notes if I don't get Gibbs for my birthday....

I see you...

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