Wednesday, September 16, 2009

terrorbyte trailer

terrorbyte: Coming soon from Rebel e Publishers.

Trailer created by BlueWolf Productions.

Genre: Crime thriller

Title: terrorbyte

Author: Cat Connor

Other books by this author: killerbyte (available now online from Mobipocket, Amazon Kindle and iTunes.)


Sara J. Henry said...

Very cool! So are you the corpse, showing your back side to the camera?

Cat Connor said...

I think the camera added about forty pounds... not impressed. I'll be tossing those jeans away!!! They're just not flattering, and as for my husband and his camera angles... (No more cheesecake for me!)

Hagelrat said...

lmao, awww disappointing jeans are terrible. Yay for the trailer though and so excited about the book.

Phil said...

Well I hope you don't know any people like that... oh!

I see you...

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