Sunday, September 13, 2009

Surviving the weekend.

It's Sunday night!

I seem to be exhausted, am trying to wake up before NCIS so I can enjoy it.

Friday night was a fun night with Rosanne and Megan - always fun when we get together. Much laughter, good wine, excellent company -what more could a person want?

Squealer had a minor melt down... more a sign of things to come than the main event.

Saturday - not hung over but still with a sore throat. We woke the Boy Wonder early to watch the girls so Chris and I could go do the groceries without the whining. :-) He fell back asleep but roused himself at nine due to the house being silent. He crept downstairs to find the girls watching TV. They didn't even notice him. So happy in the knowledge no one was dead or severely injured he went back to bed.
When we got home Breezy was cross-legged and meditating on the lounge floor. Squealer was watching TV fully zoned out of life and the Boy Wonder was semi-conscious.

Sometime later the Boy Wonder began packing for his trip today. We ended up going out to get him a hard cover notebook to take. Back at home I started a huge hunk of beef cooking.
Chris picked Bex and the boys up.

Fun was had by the kids as usual.

Then dinner... fantastic.
One of the best Autism type meltdowns I've ever witnessed. It had everything and there was no stopping it. So with much resolve I removed her from the table and sat her behind the fridge... so she could carry on without being LOOKED AT. Which didn't work. But I refused to react with anything except calm.
(I didn't even laugh- and you KNOW how hard that was)
She semi calmed down in time for chocolate mousse. Yes home made. Yes with REAL dark chocolate NOT Cadbury shite chocolate.

Of course as I was dishing it up - in fact as I finished- she screamed, "I don't want cream!"
Too fuc'n late.
I had to hurriedly scrap the cream from the mousse... and it touched the strawberries. I ended up having to wash the fuc'n things just so the ensuing fit didn't go on forever.

Meanwhile - Breezy sat in her chair. And Squealer SCREAMED in her face. Terrifying her little sister who took off, face crumbling arms outstretched to daddy.
So we all have our delicious mousse and Squealer announces sobbing that it tastes disgusting and she doesn't like dark chocolate. (No fathoming that one either -she loves dark chocolate and was watching me make it... you'd think that would be the appropriate time to bring up a hatred of dark chocolate.)

We ignored her and ate. Breezy and Conman making short work of any mousse left on anyone else's plates!

When Squealer finally calmed down, and Bex and the boys were back home... Breezy in bed. I gave the Squealer a night-time dose of Phenergan, made her double her flexotide dose and made her take ventolin and then put her to bed.
I figured that might stave off the brewing allergy/asthma/allergic croup thing that usually follows total bullshit behavior. I was right -she coughed a few times then there was blissful silence for 9 hours.

Sunday - I woke at 3:30 for painkillers. I couldn't swallow or talk. Was up until 4:30, then went back to bed.

At 6 I was up with Breezy.

When Chris emerged I announced it was sunny and I wanted the terrorbyte trailer FINISHED.

It took almost all day.

But we now have the trailer together - apart from the music, and the interspersed text, and final credits. We have movie clips and still photos all in the correct order with just the right transitions. We lost the entire project once... which I recall happened to the killerbyte trailer too.
We discovered that the something-a-rather director program Chris likes- doesn't run on his new machine. We have an old version that hates Vista. Luckily it works fine on his old one - but is so s-l-o-w. Was frustrating to use.
The plan now is to upgrade the program by buying the latest version and have that on the new pc.

BUT it's so close to being done now, we can cope.

Now to locate the music. I mistakingly thought I had some say in that and commented that I thought I'd found the music... only to be laughed at and be told the director will take care of it.

Manged to get the washing dry on the line, brought in, folded and put away.

The Boy Wonder is in Rotorua and seeming unimpressed. I hope things improve or it will be a long three days for him!


Sara J. Henry said...

Ah, you inspire me. Mothering, managing, cooking, counseling, making grim trailers, writing your thrillers. I'm gonna stop whining about the few blips in my life.

Cat Connor said...

If you and Quinn had been here to witness the weekend - we all would've ended up in puddles of hysterical laughter. It was all I could do to control myself suitably and not escalate it all further by laughing!!!
Next time I vow to use the camera!

Should have a trailer by next weekend!!!

I see you...

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