Thursday, September 24, 2009

So why aren't you dead?

So why aren’t you dead?

No prizes for guessing I'm listening to Bon Jovi. But despite that - I find the "So why aren't you dead?" question comes up a lot. Especially when I'm writing. People need to learn to annoy me less. :)

I've actually had a mostly music free day. (You cannot count Hi 5 as music, you just can't) But that's come to an end. I've finished the scene that confused me. Well the scene didn't confuse me at all really but a comment about it did. Turns out I 'was' that stupid, and I discovered the reference point and fixed the confusion. (Cell phones can be tricksy things)

The Breezy monster is still sick, although she is trying hard not to be. Good for her, I'm sure the persistence will pay off eventually -probably about the same time as the antibiotics kick in. I wonder if I should bother dressing her. It's 1:30pm and she's still in her jammies. But at least she's warm and comfy. Seems silly to alter a good thing.

Well I spent three minutes moving 50 songs to new folders. When I ripped '100,000,000 Bon Jovi fans can't be wrong' to my PC. (Cos I really hate changing CD's) All the songs landed in ONE folder. Now they're in their correct album folders (1-4). So much easier.

A song came to me this morning. It started with a title. At first I thought it was a poem. (And I suppose it could be -I could call it performance art and get Chrissy to perform it. - that might be one of those 'had to be there moments'.)

Anyway - this song/poem/piece of art (oh how I'm laughing) came to me. Life would be a lot easier if I were less lazy and could be in the least bit bothered about going upstairs and dragging my guitar out from the girls closet. But I am. It's cold up there. I could of course just grab Chris's. But that some how seems wrong. (I have no qualms about covering it in blood when the time comes to create the Exacabyte trailer -but don't wanna play it. Hmm odd.)

Such is life.

I have some pretty cool lyrics, I'd love to share it. Except - it's one HUGE spoiler. So, nah!

I feel better now.

That was almost as much fun as telling Eric off.

Oh yeah, won another five dollars on a scratchy. Good times!


Hagelrat said...

I like "Why are you allowed? You should be banned." Better than Why aren't you dead, makes it clear that the actual error was permitting them to exist in the first place. ;)

Cat Connor said...

Ah good point!

Although the 'why aren't you dead' is rather blunt and. well, me, really!

I doubt anyone will disagree!!

I see you...

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