Friday, September 18, 2009

Real life... release date and someones gonna die?

As you may remember I bought myself a wee treat out of my first royalty payment. I purchased 100,000,000 fans can't be wrong. If you remember that, you'll also know its a boxed set released by Bon Jovi to celebrate their 20th anniversary and the sale of their 100,000,000 record. (Which would be 5-6 years ago?)

So anyway - I think I've heard all the songs now.

The box arrived on Tuesday afternoon. I love that it has an FBI piracy warning on the back. (As possibly only I would)

I've been listening to it all week.

Ya know what? Tico has an amazing voice. Reminds me of Tom Waits. Which in turn reminds me of Jonni. Which possibly means he has something to tell me. The dead do that - talk to me through music.
(That's twice this week Jonni has found his way front and center in my thoughts.
Josh was in Rotorua and on Tuesday went down the luge. It's an instant memory. Jonni LOVED the luge. Not sure if he ever did it sober.)

Moving right along. No doubt y'all don't wanna hear me ramble about dead folk and how oddly annoying they can be.

Breezy thought she was better this morning, that was a tad premature of her. She slept last night. Of course I didn't sleep well because I kept expecting her to wake and when she didn't decided she was so ill she couldn't wake... vicious mothering circle that one!

But morning came and Breezy arrived in our room clutching her pillow looking for a huggle.

All an' all this week has had some large sucky aspects to it. Lack of sleep, sick child, sick mummy... yet we made it to Friday.

Today my mood deteriorated BIG TIME. Everything pisses me off today. So much so that I had to stop going over the last of the edits (hopefully the last) for terrorbyte because some sentences are highlighted in bright yellow and it makes me wanna kill someone, anyone- the closest person will do.
I love yellow. It's one of my three favorite colors BUT NOT HIGHLIGHTER YELLOW.
I love Suzuki yellow. You know the one... picture a RM 250 - that yellow.

Just for fun cos now I'm thinking about RM's:


I feel the need
the need for speed
Smell of leathers
taste of dirt
ride till my bones hurt

Two-stroke clings in the air
Open up the throttle
listen to the whine
flick up the gears
line up a jump
slam it on the incline
kick it down
rev it up
slide through the mud
in a haze of blue smoke

happiness is two-stroke
hanging in the air
Catch me if you dare.

Righto, over that now. (before the broken bones and smashed lid come into it)

Still I harbor an urge to kill - luckily I'm working on a new book and I can utilize my murderous feelings. So by the end of today someone will indeed be dead, horribly tortuously dead. I shall enjoy myself writing that scene... perhaps they shall have a yellow highlighter in a pocket protector. Or perhaps they'll be wearing a shirt made from a manuscript full of em dashes.
Or perhaps there will be more than one death.

Line up.

Okay so -the blog title. Real life. Is a song. A song I love. It's in this boxed set. It's also a chapter title from terrorbyte.

I'm listening to the play list for terrorbyte, which is effectively a sound track. This song, Real Life and the song Kidnap an Angel - they work so well.

The other part of the blog title. Release date.

terrorbyte will be released on
November 10th 2009.

or depending where you are from

10th of November 2009.

I'm still pissed off - unreasonably so. I think I'll just go with it.


Phil said...

Is it possible you're one of those authors who is as scary as their work?!

Cat Connor said...

Scary, Phil?
Oh no!

... almost...almost wrote, how very dare you. But resisted... sort of!


I can be scary - would you like me to be?

I see you...

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