Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lost highway -it ain't!

Last night I whizzed through terrorbyte again - hoping to see anything I'd missed or failed to explain. I left a few comments for my beloved editor and sent the manuscript through. With a smile.

I then poured a glass of wine and settled back to do an interview for Blazing Trailers. That was fun. A lot of fun. Huge choice of questions and I chose the maximum allowed. Onto my second glass of wine and the interview swam along nicely!

Once finished I sent it off. Blazing Trailers will let me know when it's up - i know, because that's what this morning’s email said. :-)

I turned my attention to book numbers 3 and 4.

Currently listening to Bon Jovi's Lost Highway because I'm back working on book 3. (Exacabyte) This book is fun - in a smart assed yet gut wrenching sort of way. Could even be my favorite... which is a pretty huge statement to make. I adore killerbyte, I think terrorbyte rocks big time... and yet Exacabyte might be my favorite. You can imagine how much joy its giving me to be revising that particular manuscript. The whole time I have the WIP - Satellite/pedabyte mulling around in my head too.

Everything that happens now in Exacabyte has an impact on Ellie - as did everything else that came before. Life is a chain reaction and so it is with my main characters life. It gives so much more depth as she journeys knowing where she's been and how she got to the point she's in now. As uncomfortable as some of her experiences are, they all helped create her.

So that's my weekend. In a nut shell. Lost Highway. Writing. Exacabyte. Satellite.

This song that I mentioned the other day - is really bugging me. I found myself toying with it again last night, just briefly. I think that will be how it goes for a while. I'll fiddle with it as the mood strikes me and hopefully something will come of it. I suppose I can share the title. Nothing much to be gleaned from that - unless you are in my head? If so... get out, you weren't invited! Portrait in a Messenger Window.

I cranked the volume for 'We Got it Going On.' Miss Breezy cannot keep still when this song plays. It would kill her to not be able to move!

Damn my eye is twitching -did someone mention the frau?

Okay back to work. It may be Saturday and the first day of the Spring school holidays but I got words that long to be photons on a display screen.

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