Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lemon Meringue Pie and Seagate drives

I'm going to have to post a picture of this pie. It's too delicious!
Doesn't that just look yummy??
I'm sure when I was lying awake half the night I actually had a blog idea. And this wasn't it. That much I do know. It had something to do with yesterday's topic.

I was kinda hoping it would resurface now that I've had a coffee.

Apparently not.

I'll get back to you on that!

Meanwhile I'm having pie for breakfast. Yes that's right. I am.

Now to see if I can figure out the instructions to patch my Seagate hard drive... seems the brand NEW computer is starting to hang. Which is a known problem with this drive. (so I found out when I got it home, you wankers at Noel Lemmings in U/Hutt have a lot to answer for) The thing is the instructions make NO sense. For some weird reason I have to download all the info (that Seagate sent via HP) to three freaking CD's before installing it. I don't have CD's. Why the hell would I? I backup to my external drive, and flash/thumb drives. BUT even if I did have CD's on hand the instructions make no sense at all.
I think I'll call Noel Lemmings in Lower Hutt today and ask them to get someone to come deal with this. After all - I was sold a machine with a KNOWN fault with its hard drive. Someone shoulda said something. AND - at the very least provided me with the required blank CD's and a discount would've been nice too -after all, we paid cash.
(But I will not, ever, deal with the idiots at the U/Hutt store again.)

Gee - wonder where I will buy the laptop I'm after? let's see... won't be Dicks Smiths upstairs in Queensgate - stupidity abounds there. Won't be Noel Lemmings in U/Hutt. My cash will be spent somewhere that grasps the meaning of SALES and SERVICE (and a cash discount, lol).

Hopefully my snappy blog idea will come back soon. :-) Had something to do with over zealous fan types not understanding boundaries.


Karen from Mentor said...

Well at least meringue is egg.
So you got your protein.
Gotta keep your strength up after all.

Cat Connor said...

Oh you clever woman. What with the egg and the lemon, and the flour in the pastry... we've covered some important food groups. :-) Guilt free pie.

I see you...

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