Monday, September 28, 2009

It's just me.

Let's try this again shall we? The first blog attempt failed!

This morning (Monday and the first day of the Spring school holidays, typically it's pouring with rain) I woke early, cos that's what I do, and while drinking my coffee - I jumped into a chat room to see if there was anyone around I knew.

Well there wasn't.

So while working on a new scene within Exacabyte I watched the conversation. I'm happy to report the same old stuff is still happening - I haven't been in many chat rooms since KILLERBYTE, if you've read KILLERBYTE you'd know why.

My writing continued, occasionally I looked up at the chat window on my screen. A couple of times I wished I hadn't. And the conversation never really improved from semi-literate text speak, I was imagining squealing and flapping of hands in all directions... I don't think I'm wrong in that regard.

Lately - well since June really when the research began in earnest (but I had no idea I was conducting research initially-you're just going to have to go with that!)- it has occurred to me that some people never move past that tweenie phase of clamoring after pop stars, TV stars, and movie stars. The sort of total immersion in something unattainable that is expected in the young because they don't have any real responsibilities. They're free to buy everything available, cover their walls in posters - especially those large full size kissable ones and do whatever they can to attempt to meet the idol of the moment. And parents feed this obsession, knowing it's normal, harmless and will fade away as the child grows. (This is fascinating to me and not just because that's topical to what I'm currently working on - but you didn't hear that from me, lol)

Only when you're pushing 30 or 40 or 50 for that matter it stops being cute and boarders on full-blown obsession. (In some instances it moves ways past a seemingly harmless obsession and becomes full on psychotic stalking behavior - danger danger Will Robinson.)

Maybe I'm looking for it, and if that's the case I'm finding it. Recently I have noticed a lot of scary possessive stalking type behaviors on a par with Rose from Two and half Men floating free out there on the net, and they're making contact with others who are like minded. (Not always within the controlled environments set up for ease of monitoring of such things by management and threat assessors... lol) These people seem incapable of reason. They don't grasp that the object of their affection is unattainable. Is entitled to privacy. Is NOT public property. Is a person who has a life away from the glitz and glamour they perceive. At no point does the 'object' become human. There is no light that goes on with the truly obsessed that indicates they've stepped over the line.

It makes me want to reach into my screen and shake them until they wake up and see that whoever they're idolizing is just a person - like them - like me. Underneath we're all the same.

What amuses me the most is that once upon a time in a land far far away... there were two young girls who wrote, 'The Book.' They were 13 years old. NOT 30 and upwards. But 13. And 'The Book' was fan fiction and fairly innocent because, well, at 13 what did they know? (Although the term Fan Fiction didn't exist back at the dawn of time, that's what it was. Keep that in mind.)

I've had the misfortune over the last few years to read quite a bit of this new 'fan fiction' written by people who chronologically are not 13. Let me just say, most 13 year olds can punctuate and spell way better than what I've seen of late - what's more I've seen better plot development and dialog coming from the pen of my 10 year old. (No surprise there really.) The other thing to note is the subject matter of these fan type stories I've seen - what isn't porn borders on porn. What appears to have happened is that 'The Book' grew up, but didn't grow a better plot - it just got dirtier. LOL

On that note. I'm going to go write this scene, safe in the knowledge that things haven't changed much since I ran chat rooms and they're still havens for misfits and the dangerously obsessed, with the occasional sprinkling of intelligence and good conversation.

Is it just me that looks at TV shows and movies - scene by scene and wonders how many takes it took? Acting is a job. (I still enjoy the movie or show... but I can see the work it took in the background, ya know?)

There is no mystery here. Famous people still live normal lives... behind closed doors they have lives!

I must go have my breakfast -before I pull out my soap box and start telling you all what I think of THOSE horrendous glossy magazines full of bullshit and gossip.


Karen from Mentor said...

I'm not even remotely semi famous and I've still engendered stalkers.
Can't even imagine being Clint Eastwood.
I like that folks like Billy Crystal and Tom Hanks seem to live a fairly normal life even with all the fame. Great for their kids.
But the thing is *some* people see folks on tv or the big screen and think...oh they're rolling in money...but hey, for the actors it's just a job, something that [hopefully] pays the rent/mortgage and puts braces on the kid's teeth.

Objectifying a man/woman and turning them into a plaything for your own purposes is something you really should grow out of after junior high. [which is when I took down my picture of Fonzie :0) ]

All that said Cat, when you're UBER rich and famous...don't forget us little people.
And does this mean that I have to take down the candid photo I have of you sunbathi...I mean watering the lawn?

hugs darlin
Karen :0)

Cat Connor said...

I'd be offended if you did take done the photo! :-)

Glad you liked the post, my dear.

Karen from Mentor said...

Oh good.
Cause it just works so well as a campanion piece to the one of you shaving your legs.....

[overshare?] lol

Cat Connor said...

That's right let everyone know I shave my legs in the shower... oh... you didn't mention the shower.


Karen from Mentor said...


I think we better stop before Alan's head explodes.

oh man...

Cat Connor said...

I don't believe you just said that...

Karen from Mentor said...

Hey, I didn't specify which head.

[I can't believe I just said THAT]

Cat Connor said...

Poor Alan! :-)

Trying really hard not to giggle like a loon... failing!!!

I see you...

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