Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting there

By the end of the weekend I could see my new book trailer... all joined together. Movie clips spliced with still shots. It's so close now I can taste it.

I managed to pick up a nasty sore throat, late last week... which has now progressed to a head cold.

And now Breezy is sick.

She woke at 3 am with a raging temperature. Thankfully now at 5:30 it's calmed right down. (or the pamol worked as did moving her downstairs where it's cooler and insisting she sip cool apple juice.)

Wouldn't be so bad if I weren't still sick. But on a positive note, I couldn’t sleep anyway so I may as well be up with her!

Late last night I saw Chris adding the intro text to the book trailer.

It should be finished by the weekend... all that needs doing now are the closing credits, purchase information, and music. (We have the music - it's a matter of trimming it etc now)

Today Squealer has a hospital specialist appointment. We're not doing school. I am not dragging a sick Breezy and me to school twice within three hours. I really don't care how much time Squealer has off due to appts and illness. Her health (and ours for that matter) is way more important than that freaking school and the miserable five years she has spent there.

Parent teacher interviews this week again- No I don't want to go. In fact I have ordered Chris to be there, as I am sick to death of being made to feel like a bad parent because I put Squealers health first. Let's see them try any shit now!


Had a joyful email from Fishpond this morning. They tell me my boxed CD set was posted yesterday. Oh my! They expect delivery to be between Thursday and Saturday. I shall be watching the mail with anticipation over the next few days. When I checked the Fishpond site it said my order was shipped Saturday and expected arrival is TODAY! Oh goodness me. I hope the mail comes before we have to leave for the hospital appt!!

This is my gift to myself with my first royalty payment. (I decided I would spend some of it on ME.)

I can hardly wait. I've wanted this set for a long time but I couldn't justify the price. I found it on sale on Friday morning. Now it's another $4 cheaper!! lol

On sale with free postage - it doesn't get much better than that.

No doubt Breezy will enjoy it too. It is Bon Jovi after all!

I think it's time for coffee.

I shall post the trailer when it's done.

Oh for the interested we're using Power Director to create the trailers, it's a LOT easier to use than the million dollar Adobe program and doesn’t require advanced certificates and a fucn degree to understand!

What amused the hell out of me at 6 this morning was discovering I have version 7 on my new pc. It came with the DVD suite. Which I'd never opened as I've never felt the need to create a DVD on my pc and couldn't see why I'd need to open the program! (The pc is only a few weeks old)

Ya see- Chris has an older version on his old pc, which isn't compatible with Vista. He's done all the work on his old slow pc using the program he’s had a while and I found a newer one on my dual core... which would've cut down the lag and waiting and annoyance level by A LOT on Sunday - had we known and used this pc. LOL

He's going to buy the latest version next month anyway - as we'll be making a few more trailers!! And run it on his quad core.

Okay I'm all geeked out.

As you were.

This is the second attempt at this post -am hoping there are NO MORE fucn idiot screw ups with blogger!!!

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