Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fathers day!

Yes that's right folks, it's fathers day in NZ.

We're off shopping later.

Last night Lee Pletzers and his lovely wife, Ami (Breezy's favorite person ever) came for dinner.
They brought wine - Satellite wine! How groovy is that? I know, I was delighted!

Oh my goodness we had a wonderful night. Talk about hysterical laughter. Ami learned what a Columbian neck-tie was. Which started the first attack of hysterics. For some reason Squealer thought that all the old people (when they died) had to have one. And it got so that I just had to run a finger across my neck and Ami would erupt into hysterical laughter.

Dinner with a horror writer and a thriller writer - makes for weird table talk.

Ya gotta love it.

Lee's book 'The last Church' comes out today. I'm pretty sure I can locate a link for you. Here we go, The Last Church by Lee Pletzers.

You all remember my interview with Lee?

Now I must run - it's fathers day after all. And we need to take Chris out for some shopping.

Not sure if it'll be the terabyte external hard drive him and Lee seemed to really NEED last night! I had to admit it was pretty freaking cool and the price, well, wonderfully low!

Take care out there.

Go buy Lee's new book.
Pop over to mobipocket and buy killerbyte too... terrorbyte will be out soon!

PS. Lee: I remembered what sent my hits through the roof - the blog about Chlorine gas. (I knew it was terrorish)



Lee said...

not sure I want that now, especially since a terabyte is apparently only 930 gigs

Cat Connor said...

Seems such a rip off but Chris is still happy with it. :-) It's big... it's a man thing.

I see you...

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