Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chocolate fudge

Chocolate fudge

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What has chocolate fudge to do with writing... well... as it turns out, not a fuc'n thing.

I made fudge tonight.

I took Breezy back to the doctor today - couldn't tolerate the sheer stupidity of the nurse I spoke to at the doc's surgery. Probably the dumbest thing I have ever heard from a health professional and it still pisses me off that she'd even suggest FORCING a mask and spacer onto a child struggling to breath who can't stop vomiting or coughing.

As far as we know Breezy is not like Squealer as in - no Aspergers etc. BUT she's young and it's not always obvious in the very the likely hood of her developing an intense phobia of all medicines and the need for psychiatric intervention because someone changed the shape of the pill she has to take - are slim. BUT - I will not sacrifice the trust she has in us for some misguided stupidity advised by someone who 'Has never heard of a child who refused a spacer' before! Sheer fuc'n stupidity! (and no she's not a young nurse)

So anyway - over that - not, but I'll shut up about it.

The child needed new antibiotics. The lost lot didn't work. She still has an ear and throat infection. Then there was talk of Whooping cough - which it is not. I know whooping cough. This is not whooping cough. Especially when she's had 'whatever this is' before -a year ago. Upshot is - steroids for three days.
So far tonight -so good. She is asleep and hasn't yet woken coughing and the bed is not covered in vomit as it has been every night for the last nearly 3 weeks.

There ya go - that's the update.

Am I getting any work done?

Hell no.

I sent the manuscript of terrorbyte back to lovely Jayne last Friday. Hopefully I shall hear back soon on that.

Release date is Nov 10th.

Release party Nov 7th. (show of hands... ) We're doing BBQ and desserts. Seemed like a good idea. Can't be tossed with salad and dicking around. Red meat and lots of desserts and plenty of wine.

The lemon meringue pie I made the other day was superb. Chris was delighted.

Right I might see if the muse (or Ellie) will talk to me.

Y'all take care.

Cat xx

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