Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A bit of gorgeousness to perk me up...

Today was spent running about like a headless chicken trying to get things done - I accomplished little in the way of writing and suspect the same of sales.

BUT - I did trot up to Bex and buy her disinfectant, anti-bacterial hand wash, apple juice, a large pack of nappies (diapers for you yanks), and dettol surface spray. All three of her boys are spewing with a tummy bug... nice. We didn't stay long.
Don't want Breezy to get it. But alas we were probably there long enough in the weekend -Dex got sick Sunday night... we were there Saturday- here's hoping Breezy is bug resistant!!

I ran into a friend, we chatted for a bit -I was delighted to discover she's back in school and is sounding quite perky attitude wise. It's good to be busy. (Sure as hell beats sitting on a sofa watching day time soaps and watching your life force dwindle away.)

Hurried home and discovered I had mail. My business cards arrived. They're pretty cool. I shall see if I can take a pic. (and blank out things I don't want the world knowing in it's entirety just now!) For some reason when I add pics they go where they want -not where I want.
Crikey it worked -thanks Sara! (Yes that's my thumb holding the card.)

Now I've decided to do a re-cap - so I shall now proceed to add some links of wonderful lovely things that make me smile and sigh happily.

Ten question Tuesday with Cat Connor (oh my that's me!)

Mysterious musings interview with Cat Connor (crikey me, again!)

The fun the Giant eye ball and I had interviewing Quinn Cummings!

Bookwenches interview with Cat Connor (I know, I know... ain't it cool?)

Bookwenches review of killerbyte over at my website. (Left me speechless really and still delights me!)

A freaking fabulous review by Unbound.

Laura over at e book guru reviewed killerbyte. (What's not to love??)

The giant blue eye ball interviewed Lee Pletzers.

The last few months have been quite busy. I kinda feel like I'm everywhere and yet getting nowhere. It's a bizarre feeling to be sure.

The last week or so have been mostly devoted to finishing the WIP (Satellite), because for whatever reason I skipped it and wrote the fifth Conway book not the 4th early this year. Such is the craziness of having Ellie tell the stories.

Breezy is doing well at Kindergarten. The whole kindy thing annoys me on so many levels. Taking 10.5 hours out of my week isn't helpful - but she loves it and is such a social child that she really needs to interaction.
I need a shiny new laptop so I can at least write while she's there. There is no point coming home, because by the time I get back I have almost an hour before I have to go get the other child from school... not enough time to do anything useful, certainly not write.

It's fathers day this coming weekend.

Oh my.

The boy wonder has a VERY expensive school trip coming up and when he gets back from that (it's up in Rotorua) his biology class is going to the zoo. That'll be another $22 on top of the $300 just spent for the Rotorua, thanks very much! And the worst part... they DON'T NEED PARENT HELPERS for the zoo trip??? What the hell? That's crazy shit. Just because the kids (okay adults) are all 18 or nearly 18 and in year 13 - that's no reason to exclude parents who want a trip to the zoo!

I might have to complain! Or better still.... me and Breezy might have to go to the zoo that day - and surprise them all. :-)

Now to finish off the dishes and poke the chicken... (I'm not being rude - it's roasting and I need to poke it to see how close it is to being cooked!)


Sara J. Henry said...

To put photos where you want: First let the blog insert them at the top (you can choose right, left, or center). Then switch to HTML view. Copy all the HTML for the photo (easy to find, a big gob at the top) and move it where you want it to be. Check it in the "preview" mode and you're good to go.

Here's hoping Breezy doesn't come down with that awful bug.

Wish you were here - I could unload one of my old laptops on you!

Cat Connor said...

Thanks Sara.

Wish I was there too - I like the sound of mowing the grass and watching frogs scatter! lol

Anonymous said...

Oh dear me, I read "poke the chicken" as "poke the CHILDREN", which made me wonder wtf? LOL


Cat Connor said...



I see you...

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