Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You think the giant eyeball can't see what you're doing?

No really... I can see you. Might be an idea to stop doing that while you're reading. (just saying)

Tomorrow is Darling Beloved's birthday - today Breezy and I hurried off to the shops and purchased a few gifts. They're wrapped and awaiting the writing in the cards.
Either tonight or tomorrow morning I need to make a birthday cake - three layers. Probably do it tonight so I can decorate it tomorrow and not have to bake (that's the worst part).

Go me!

The evil bitch of the north (or the battle barge if you prefer) sent DB a card - amazing. He's been in trouble non-stop for everything as usual. He can't win, but at least he knows that. She's an evil game playing freak of a troll and quite frankly he's proven he has a great capacity to rise above her crap.

I really should be washing Breezy's hair at the moment - not writing this. It's quite wild and needs brushing and that ain't gonna happen without it being washed and thoroughly conditioned. We have to go to kindy in a half hour. Hmmm. Running out of time.
She doesn't look too interested in kindy today. We both have colds or the beginning of colds. We'll go because Squealer is going to try and walk to kindy by herself after school. Don't want to disappoint her when she really truly thinks she can do it this time. :-)

Also have to call the carpenter back. He was supposed to call before he came over to fix the lounge door but he didn't- he turned up unannounced and I was out. He left a sticky note on the front door. Bugger.

I sent the 'edits completed' terrorbyte back to my editor yesterday - she is still away and won't get it until she returns. I think she'll be rather pleased when she sees it. Now it's gone I might be able to get some writing done. That would be nice.
Especially as there are two Conway WIP's waiting for my return -and two waiting for a final polish. I've found myself thinking about the next one - Exacabyte - quite a bit over the last few days. It needs polishing.
I also need to decide whether I want to head back down the derivative rights road or re-write to make it unnecessary. Which wouldn't be too hard to do at all... and I think I can get the same effect by using the song titles (as I do anyway, in my books) for chapter titles.
The using of interspersed and occasional lyrics was to help show Ellie's state of mind - without overstating it. It works. But, with all the writing I've done lately I know I can show exactly how she's feeling and I can do it without the lyrics... it's just whether I want to go without them really.
Maybe I'll fire off an email to the parties concerned and decide later. (once everything is in place)

I was going to upload short movies of Breezy at kindy today - but have run out of time... bugger! I'll try and remember later. (Don't like ya chances, just quietly)

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Don't ask questions just do it! You won't be sorry.


Hagelrat said...

I hope you sent the flying monkeys back with a flea int their ear?
sooooo, will their be arc's sometime soon for terrorbyte?

Cat Connor said...

Sadly every time those flying fuckers are sent back with a good thwack - they return. Akin to a bad smell really! :-)

ARC's you say... I would imagine it won't be too long - not sure when my editor returns from her vacation. I'm delighted that you're waiting!!!

I see you...

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