Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stick to your guns.

I pulled a CD from the rack on my desk and chose the blog title at random... the CD is New Jersey. And the song couldn't be more fitting.

My last blog recieved quite a lot of attention -seems it's not only amusing (me ranting like a loon) but also not uncommon a topic.
Sad reflection on the world that so many people relate to how badly people do their jobs and how schools are run (or not run).

Moving on - for fear of being trapped forever in the bad place that causes me to down red wine like there is no tomorrow! I have attempted to turn the spell checker option on - but it's chrome and doesn't always work. I am in no frame of mind to be proof reading myself. (gotta think you'll just have to live with the dreadful screw-ups today!)

This morning (actually last night) I thought - 'hey would be cool to give away a few copies of killerbyte to the telethon this weekend?' This morning I cleverly read the note in my day planner that said 'find out how to donate some books.' I scoured the TV3 website... to no avail. But discovered I can follow them on twitter - ah ha! Follow I did -sent a tweet that they forwarded to the telethon twitter people.
Awesome I thought - here we go.
There was something about using sella.co.nz - so I went and had a quick look. I have no clue how a person is supposed to list stuff there. Confused (and suffering brain - almost wrote Brian - freeze. ) I twittered them back asking for help.
Hopefully someone will help!!
I really would like to support this telethon - Kids Can is an awesome cause. And considering the SHITE I've had to put up with from our school -I'd like to make a difference.

As for the rest of the day - went to visit Bex. Cos Caedy text this morning and said "I want to see you." - I love that he does that! He's so damn cute. So we shopped. I got the kids some treats and sent Bex into the second hand book shop to get some books. She was sadly lacking in reading material- she's read everything I've given her at least twice. (we're talking a lot of books)

I've haven't done any work - I think my mind is stalled. I want to write - I really would like to use this down time to work on Satellite. (or even Torrent) But so far I've been harassed by stupidity and it makes it tricksy. Okay so Nana dropping dead, and Squealer being sick, and now Josh being sick - isn't helping... Breezy is being - 3, which I am finding decidedly unhelpful. She's capable of turning the computer on, opening Mozilla, typing in an 'n' and choosing nicjr.com from the list that appears... she can then play all the games unaided and turn the pc off when done. The problems arose when she wouldn't turn the pc off!!! Now she tells me to turn the timer on so she knows she has to turn it off! - Which is great, it gives her MORE time to act up in other ways - refusing to get her shoes, hiding, not wanting socks on, not letting me put her jacket on... in fact, you name it she does it at the moment.
Oh how I wish she could go to morning kindergarten. Or even school. (but not THAT school) Everyone keeps asking if she's at school yet. And look at me oddly when I say she's only 3.

Did I mention I am cooking a hunk of beef so BIG that I needed to put it diagonally in the roasting pan? I am. I am cooking it tonight and it looks like I won't need to cook for the rest of the week. It's THAT big. Smart huh?
Okay so peeling and cutting veges to cook with it - with a torn cartilage in my wrist was less than a stellar idea!

This morning Kane came to my rescue with strapping tape - mine was finished. Thank god for my super cool next door neighbor. :-)
I have to get some more. I failed at that this morning, The stupidmarket we went to didn't have any! What that?? Come on people get it together.

Time to turn the veges over -you're off the hook - you may commence praising Allah. (I don't advise you to do that at the airport AFTER commenting about the lack of security on an internal flight... just saying.)

Be safe... smile - it freaks people out almost as much as the airport/Allah thing.

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