Friday, August 7, 2009


The blurb is up over at Rebel e Publishers website.

I shall now pop the cover in here ... maybe

Oh look it worked! It's a miracle.

Now you can see what I meant a few weeks ago by the cover being awesome and even more impressive than killerbyte:

but don't they just look fan-fuc'n-tastic together?

Groovy huh?

Cover and blurb, and soon to be released... pretty cool.

As for other news. killerbyte was submitted to the Epic awards today. That was exciting... lots of rules and it all seemed rather confusing but I managed to cope with Paypal so - yay me!
While filling in competition entry form I ran into a block fairly quickly... I didn't know what GLBT was. But I had to check a box regarding it... took a bit of googling then could check no with confidence!
I can't see me ever checking yes - although I did have to think twice about the girly man cop... does he fit into the GLBT thing? But no, if he does - he kept it his little secret. :-)

If you haven't seen the new review it's here at Unbound.

Now I have to go do some work. see you all later!


Phil said...

Those covers really are totally cool. I like the way they linkas well - using the same typeface. Big smiles in NZ I should think!

Cat Connor said...

Yeah BIG smiles. And of course a new tee shirt! :-)

The covers are so cool I have found myself wondering what the NEXT one will look like! (Talk about jumping the gun)

I need to pop over to Vista and start perusing their merchandise with the new cover in mind!

Hagelrat said...

I'd buy that T-Shirt! I'd buy two of the mug. :)

Cat Connor said...

Am wearing tee-shirt now! I just happened to have some bright yellow tee shirts (brand new) sitting here. So popped a tee shirt transfer into the printer - now I'm wearing the terrorbyte tee shirt.

I'm loving it.

Have white and black ones with the killerbyte cover on.. think I'm going yellow and orange (my fav colors) with terrorbyte!

ohhh mugs? Heading to cafe press to see what I have in my store - might create a mug or too!!

Helen Ginger said...

The cover is gorgeous. The butterfly really pulls your eyes toward it. Congratulations!

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